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There is lots of confusion when it comes to reborn baby dolls. Although people understand these all these lifelike dolls are meant to be as realistic as possible and even resemble real children, people don’t understand subtle nuances.

Best example? The material used for the creation of dolls.

Lots of time you will hear customers say that all these realistic baby dolls are the same which is not true. Let’s take for example full body silicone baby dolls and reborn dolls.

People tend to generalize when it comes to reborns. They use the term for the whole product line of realistic newborn baby dolls. However, if we are to be precise, the terms refer to items created from reborn kits. They have cloth and cotton body and are highly susceptible to water and tearing.

When we say that dolls were made of silicone, we actually refer to their body. While both reborn baby doll and silicone baby doll will have legs, arms, and head made of soft silicone vinyl, the main difference will be in their bodies.

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While it’s hard to say which product is superior, we would definitely give a small advantage to full silicone reborns.

Always remember that silicone reborn allows the artist to paint more details. Regardless people don’t place so much emphasis on the stomach area given that it’s easy to cover it with clothes (and in fact, most people will put clothes on a doll anyway). Still, it makes sense if you would like to have an accessible, “normal” stomach; it would allow you to play with a baby as if it was a real child.

A great thing about silicone babies is that you can put them in water at any time. Cloth body is susceptible to water and may lead to an appearance of mold if you don’t manage to dry it properly. Silicone also gives you more freedom when washing baby’s hair. Given that these dolls are designed for role-playing, almost every customer will do things such as washing its hair, taking it for a walk, feeding it etc. If a baby has a cloth body, this instantly eliminates certain fun activities.

But as mentioned, it is not all about functionality. In the end, we don’t buy these dolls so they can be functional to us. Instead, we get them to fill a void, to support maternal instincts, to help cope with depression and so on. In that regard, it is very important for a baby to look real. No matter how you look at it, cloth section in the middle will always take a little bit of that sensation and return us to the real world. You don’t really need that as you would like to remain “alone” with your baby for as much as possible. 


As you can presume, newborn silicone baby dolls are usually sold for a higher price. The material itself is more expensive and the creation process is more difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find a cheap silicone baby girl, baby boy, preemie or a toddler.

Please have in mind that these items are 100 percent made by hand; they are the perfect example of modern craftsmanship which is why people are prepared to pay the top dollar for some of them. In fact, the most popular artists sell their new pieces for a couple of thousands of dollars.

Best way to get ahold of these products is through the Internet. While they can be bought during fan conventions, it’s much better to shop for them online. Most companies such as ours have free shipping all over the world and other great features. So make sure to check our store categories and order a doll before you go.

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In the end, you can always learn how to make your own reborn dolls.

Have in mind that this isn’t a fast process; some people take their whole life to master the craft. Even then, the product may not be perfect. Perhaps this is for the best though as each doll has a personal stamp; a small imperfection that happened in a moment of blunder and marked the baby forever. 

As previously mentioned, there are lots of different materials that are used. It’s much more difficult to make silicone dolls as it will be a bit harder to find a silicone body. Instead, we recommend that you start with reborns with cloth body. You will also need materials such as sand or glass pellets, polyester fiber, acrylic eyes as well as a tool to put it all together. Luckily, you can get most of it when you purchase a kit. You can also make your own accessories such as baby clothes.

Ideally, you should check a YouTube video explaining the whole process. Also, most kits have precise instructions that will guide you throughout the process.

Even though most reborn customers never create their own doll, this is a good way to learn more about the process and what went well and what went bad. This can also help you determine the level of craftsmanship when you decide to buy lifelike dolls in the future.


Whether we’re talking about silicone or reborn baby dolls, both these groups of products are not your usual toys. Yes, you can gift one to your kids but it is uncertain whether they will be able to love it and appreciate it in the right way.

For most adults, they are a guilty pleasure and it is easy to see why.

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