28” Unbelievably Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl
28” Unbelievably Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl
28” Unbelievably Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl
28” Unbelievably Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl

28” Wonderful Doll Toddler Girl

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Everyone who comes to this site loves realistic dolls. And to be quite honest, what is there not to like? Just by looking at this cute little girl you can understand why people are so taken by these realistic toddlers and babies.

Two main things to notice about this little angel are her eyes and her hair. She has an amazing set of new hair or to be precise, wig glued to its head. Its skin is painted by hand which makes the product feel special. Baby blue eyes only contribute to the overall feeling and if you’re looking for a happy, jovial doll, this is definitely a baby doll you will love.

But her outer appearance is just the beginning; it is much more important how she feels when you hold her in your arms. This baby doll is made out of quality vinyl which ensures that the item is both realistic and soft on touch. She also has a cloth body filled with PP cotton which provides an even more realistic feel. Needlessly to say, weight is added to the doll so it has a weight similar to that of a real child. Size of the newborn baby girl is also realistic. All of this ensures that you’ll feel comfortable role-playing with the little beauty. 

All the materials that are being used are of high quality. This means they will last for a long time if you take good care of the beautiful doll. Doll can also be bought as a gift; children simply love realistic dolls such as this. But don’t be stopped by this fact as adults can also enjoy playing with it! Although these newborn baby dolls are not your standard toys, this doesn't prevent people from using these products as a kid's toy. Once you buy it, you will also get some other accessories such as top quality clothes.

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~28 inches/ 70 cm

Weight: ~4.0 lb/ 1.8 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes