22” Reborn Baby Unisex Doll With A Pacifier
22” Reborn Baby Unisex Doll With A Pacifier
22” Reborn Baby Unisex Doll With A Pacifier
22” Reborn Baby Unisex Doll With A Pacifier

22” Wonderful Baby Doll with a Pacifier

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For anyone three years or older, this is a perfect realistic doll. For children, it’s the ideal companion and as an adult, you’ll immediately feel protective of this little figure. Our cute realistic babies for sale are cheap so this is an additional benefit! 

At 22” it’s a comfortable size to handle. It won’t feel too fragile, but the lifelike features will still have you thinking you’re looking at a really small baby. You can almost imagine that the baby has just woke up or had a cry because the beautiful eyes have such a sleepy look to them.

Here’s how the artists enhanced this unisex doll’s realism and instill life into it:

  • The small mouth is red and seems wet, like most babies’
  • The hands are curled in baby-like gestures
  • The vinyl exterior is painted to resemble the soft skin of babies
  • Details are added by hand, such as fine eyebrows and translucent nails
  • The baby’s hair is the same texture as a newborn’s

Now imagine this little one looking up at you from a crib. Thanks to the high-grade acrylic used in the eyes, its stare will mimic a real baby’s. You’ll want to comfort it as if it had a bad dream. And when you hug it close, you’ll feel the soft cotton body.

Quality products are used in all features of this doll. The paint won’t fade easily and the hair is rooted, so it won’t come out. Simply keep it away from damaging elements such as fire or moisture and this will be the realistic doll you look after for years to come.

Our newborn products are sold with numerous supplies and accessories. Within the box, you will also receive things such as magnetic pacifier and a set of clothes. Given that this boy has a magnet in its open mouth, it's easy to use pacifiers. This also means you can give him food if you buy a plastic bottle.

Even though collectible babies are fun, they are not your classic toys: you can give them as a gift to your kids but it's best if they learn how to behave with the doll beforehand. A toddler can damage it in no time so better be careful! 

If you're looking for new baby dolls, please keep in mind that we always have cheap lifelike baby boys for sale so make sure to visit our shop regularly! 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~2.8 lb/ 1.3 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier