22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Sad Mouth
22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Sad Mouth
22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Sad Mouth
22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Sad Mouth

22” Realistic Newborn Baby Doll with Sad Mouth

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You can find a great number of real-life newborn baby dolls for sale online. However, this one is different. 

One of the greatest things about baby dolls is that you can role-play with them whole day long. They are adorable companions which you can feed, dress, take for a walk, and move around etc. While some people may not approve of this, they probably do not understand what role-playing is all about. They are such a great way to relax, reduce stress and generally, give yourself a break after a hard work day. This small cutie can definitely help with that.

It is really hard to say that this little doll isn’t adorable. It has beautiful eyes and hand rooted fiber hair that go well with its quality vinyl limbs, head, and cotton body. The doll is a real masterpiece made by an artist who didn’t mind spending more time just to get her right.

But, the lifelike doll wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t have a little teddy bear with her. This is why we decided they should never split! Within the package, you will receive the doll itself, 1 teddy bear, 1 pacifier, 1 diaper, 1 bottle, 1 set of clothes and 1 birth certificate.

Like all other baby dolls, you can buy this item either for yourself or as a gift. Kids will definitely love the doll but make sure they’re old enough to play with it.

There is a big number of newborn collectible baby dolls for sale on our website; make sure to buy those you like! 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~2.8 lb/ 1.3 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, gift toy, certificate of authenticity, diaper