22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Themed Toy
22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Themed Toy
22” Newborn Reborn Baby With Themed Toy

22” Newborn Silicone Baby Doll with Themed Toy

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You can find lots of newborn babies for sale online; however, this one is prettier than most of them. 

Let your new doll put the color back into life! That’s what’s possible if you pick a lifelike Baby like this 22” doll. It’s so realistic in facial features and body detail, that everyone you meet may think it’s a real baby.

Will you buy one for yourself, or for a child? It’s the perfect collector’s item, or you can look after one as if it’s your own child.

The realism of caring for a doll is supported by the effort that goes into creating a visually realistic toy. That’s why you’ll find nails painted onto toes and fingers & even the wrinkles on the soft silicone vinyl face are shaded just right. It's easy to see why these handmade dolls are one of the top gifts for both kids and adults.

The sweet face is also striking thanks to the big acrylic eyes, the painted pink mouth and the wire wig of hair that’s soft to the touch. Look closely to find long lashes that match the hair and painted eyebrows.

What will you do with her when the product arrives at your home? Why not organize play time with these included accessories:

  • The character toy included with the purchase

  • A custom fit pacifier

  • Life-sized milk bottle

  • A set of clothing and shoes

Perhaps you’re longing to hug your little girl close. You’ll love caring for this one as her body is made of soft cotton that’s comfortable to hold. It can even support the limbs and head so she can be placed in a sitting position. This little beauty is also an awesome gift for kids; why don't you enjoy it with the rest of your family? 

Is this the silicone baby you’ve been looking for? Place your order today.

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~3.3 lb/ 1.5 kg

Material: Silicone vinyl head, 3/4 limbs

Hair: Wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, gift toy