22” Laughing Black Reborn Girl With Curly Hair
22” Laughing Black Reborn Girl With Curly Hair
22” Laughing Black Reborn Girl With Curly Hair
22” Laughing Black Reborn Girl With Curly Hair
22” Laughing Black Reborn Girl With Curly Hair

22” Laughing Curly Black Baby Girl

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Do you need a happy African American realistic doll for your collection? If you're looking for cute black babies for sale, you've come to the right place! 

This beautiful baby is all that you ever wanted. It is a unisex doll that will transfer all its happiness to you. Have in mind that this is a limited collection so better hurry up and buy it before someone else beats you to it. 

If you like playing with their hair, you will love this one. It has a cute curly pasted wig that you can wash and comb from time to time. Its face, head, and quality nails took lots of work which is precisely why it looks so great. Nevertheless, its soft vinyl body has to be the best part. Artist did a good job with this newborn product. 

The package includes a doll with its original clothes, 1 magnetic pacifier, 1 bottle, 1 diaper, and 1 birth certificate. So, you have everything you need to take care of it.

When it comes to real babies for sale, black models are among the most popular ones. If you never bought realistic dolls, there are certain things you need to take care of:

  • Be careful when dressing the doll. Certain colors may rub off and bleed out which will affect its skin causing permanent damage. It’s also necessary to be gentle for the same reason
  • Avoid leaving your baby in the direct sunlight. It can easily damage its paint so you’ll have to keep it in a dim room
  • Even though you can do lots of things with its hair, make sure it’s not dry when you’re doing it. Dry hair can easily be damaged with rough styling. Also, make sure not to use a blow dryer but instead leave it to dry naturally
  • Avoid leaving sharp items near the doll as they can easily damage it

Kids can also play with these handmade baby dolls. Even though they can be used as special toys, please have in mind that every inch of the doll represents a small piece of art and this is something that children also have to keep in mind as well.

With these simple tips, you’re ready to take care of your new baby doll! We also have other lifelike dolls; whether you need a toddler, a full body soft vinyl doll, a baby girl or a boy, you can find it easily in our online shop. Browse our categories and find the perfect gift for yourself!


Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~2.8 lb/ 1.3 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, diaper, certificate of authenticity