22” Realistic Reborn Baby Princess Doll
22” Realistic Reborn Baby Princess Doll
22” Realistic Reborn Baby Princess Doll
22” Realistic Reborn Baby Princess Doll

22” Happy Realistic Looking Baby Girl Doll

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There’s nothing better than a smiling, gurgling little child. It puts a smile on anyone’s face. And with this realistic baby doll, it will be like having one in your home 24/7. It’s an uncanny resemblance to a small laughing girl and with the striking set of clothes and a bow on her head, she becomes a real little princess.

When you purchase the baby doll, you will find various accessories and supplies within the box such as:

  • A pacifier

  • A bottle of her milk

  • Her favorite stuffed toy

This is quite a friendly princess as her face expresses joy all day long. Simply look at the little mouth that’s open and smiling. The big high-grade acrylic eyes are framed with pretty lashes and eyebrows. Her hair is rooted by hand and there are other cute details that you'll definitely love. You’ll imagine what a beauty she would be if she were to grow up.

While her arms and legs are made of soft vinyl and silicone, her body is made of cloth and cotton. Her skin is soft so you can give her a hug whenever you feel like it and even cuddle close to her when you sleep. The small little hands are open as if she wants to reach up and touch you, or even hug you back.

At only 1.2kg the newborn baby is light enough for both kids and adults to take care of. Thanks to non-toxic materials used in manufacturing that adhere to European safety standards, she’s safe and ready to start living with you today. Some people say that silicone dolls are fake; that they don't resemble a real baby. Each one of these beautiful children is a lifelike piece of art and they can be great toys that will change your life. 

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~3.3 lb/ 1.5 kg

Material: Silicone vinyl head, 3/4 limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, gift, certificate of authenticity