22” Full Silicone Vinyl Body Reborn Baby
22” Full Silicone Vinyl Body Reborn Baby
22” Full Silicone Vinyl Body Reborn Baby
22” Full Silicone Vinyl Body Reborn Baby
22” Full Silicone Vinyl Body Reborn Baby

22” Cute Realistic Baby Doll with Open Mouth

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Want to take your doll to the beach? With this full vinyl body baby doll, it’s possible.

The baby dolls that are made of high-quality vinyl are safe to put in water. That’s simply one of the features that make this doll so lifelike. Look for the cute belly button on its tummy and the minute detail, such as eyebrows & even nails.

Hours of work went into creating a unique look for your new baby. Layers of paint are hand painted onto the soft vinyl limbs, the head, and the body. Now the vinyl resembles a real baby’s skin and you can have the privilege of looking after this lifelike doll. When it comes to babies for sale, this doll is definitely top notch! 

A toy gift, such as sunglasses, may accompany this little one when you buy it. However, quality clothing is one of the best things about this product. Accessories are perfect to help dress your baby up for whatever activity you’re planning. It’s a unisex doll, so you can decide whether it will be your baby boy or baby girl doll. Because of the realistic size, baby clothes - and even diapers - will easily fit your new realistic doll baby. It can also be one of the best toys for your kids.

Everywhere you go people will stop and admire your beautiful, friendly newborn. That’s thanks to the smiling mouth and large eyes that are further complemented by beautiful long lashes.

It even has specially imported hair that is embedded in the tiny head and can be brushed or washed. Yes, every inch of this baby doll will feel like you're holding a real baby; artist added lots of handmade details to bring this beauty to life.

Will you take care of it from now on?

Our shop has lots of realistic dolls for sale with a full body so make sure to check other products as well! From time to time we have some great deals and we constantly have new babies. 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~22 inches/ 55 cm

Weight: ~2.6 lb/ 1.2 kg

Material: Full vinyl body

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Vinyl 

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes