20” Little Modish Reborn Girl
20” Little Modish Reborn Girl
20” Little Modish Reborn Girl
20” Little Modish Reborn Girl
20” Little Modish Reborn Girl

20” Little Modish Silicone Baby Girl Doll

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In many ways, baby dolls resemble real children.

We also like to take it a step further and give them a similar treatment as we would to real kids. Role-playing is very common among doll collectors and many of us love taking our babies for a walk, feeding them “milk”, putting them to sleep, changing their clothes and so on. For some, this may seem weird. But if you keep in mind that this is a hobby, you can quickly realize that all these games actually help us relax and unwind after a long workday.

Role-playing with silicone dolls can be really satisfying. In fact, there are lots of people who use them as a way of coping with trauma. These dolls are extremely popular among women who lost a child or suffered some other type of a loss. Even though they are not an ideal solution, it seems they might help people forget their worries for a moment.

That makes sense if you look at this baby. The little rascal is looking for a warm home and a mother that will hold it in her hands. Hopefully, you’re the one to step up to the challenge.

Even though this doll is an inanimate object, she still needs lots of love and caring. Water and heat can pose a big problem for her so make sure to keep the doll isolated. Also, keep her away from sharp objects as they can damage the paint.


Product specification

Dimensions: ~20 inches/ 50 cm

Weight: ~3.3 lb/ 1.5 kg

Material: Soft silicone vinyl head, 3/4 limbs

Hair: Long wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes