18” Hush Little Baby By Ashton Drake
18” Hush Little Baby By Ashton Drake
18” Hush Little Baby By Ashton Drake

18” Hush Little Baby

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There is a good reason why Ashton Drake dolls are among the most popular collectible items in the world. Each product is a small piece of art and just by looking at this silicone baby doll, it is obvious that you would love to have such a cute realistic baby in your nursery.

The baby doll is much more than a sum of its parts. One of the most intriguing features on this lifelike baby is that it has a mechanism allowing it to breathe. When you hold it in your arms, it will be really hard to tell whether it is a real child or just a doll. But the doll is not gimmicky. It has RealTouch vinyl skin which is a common material used on Ashton Drake dolls. It makes the head and limbs feel so soft. The item also has a cloth body, perfect eyes, eyelashes, painted skin, nails, lips as well as a set of hair which was rooted by hand.

The item also comes with accessories such as:

  • Cute baby clothes (gown to be precise)
  • A little diaper
  • A cap

When you purchase it, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

The doll is a highly collectible product but can also be a great gift for children. It is not exactly a toy so unlike other toys, you shouldn’t give it to small kids. Due to a high number of quality details, it can easily be damaged so you need to take a good care of it.