18” Charming Reborn Preemie Doll
18” Charming Reborn Preemie Doll

18” Charming Silicone Baby Doll

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There are so many reasons why a person should buy a silicone doll:

  • Role-playing can be really relaxing and a good way to put your mind at ease after a long workday

  • Like any hobby, it gives you something to do in your spare time

  • Making a doll collection can be a rewarding experience

  • One day, you can give all these dolls to kids

  • In certain cases, women use real newborn baby dolls to recuperate after a trauma

  • Real life newborn baby dolls can be bought as a gift and they can be used to teach kids responsibility and discipline

The real born dolls are very different from most other toys. In fact, most enthusiasts see these realistic silicone baby dolls as a separate category. This makes sense given that in order to create such an item, you have to have dexterous hands and artistic soul. They also feel completely different from other similar items people are selling. Still, we have really cheap silicone dolls for sale!

When it comes to this particular model, the little princess looks quite confused which you can clearly see by looking at her beautiful blue eyes. The doll is 18 inches long (or 45 centimeters), it is quite flexible, has silicone vinyl limbs and head paired with a cloth body. Artist did a perfect job with this silicone preemie: its painted skin, soft hair, brown eyelashes, cute arms, and legs scream quality and skill. Our lifelike dolls are sold with numerous accessories - you will receive a new set of clothes within the box.

Unfortunately, there are so many potential threats to these items. They are susceptible to elements such as fire and water, they can get moldy, their paint can be damaged as well as its cloth body etc. If we had to name one biggest treat, it would probably be animals. Cats and dogs love playing with toys and they can easily mistake your doll for a regular toy. So, make sure to find a secure place in your home for this baby doll.

We have an enormous number of preemie silicone babies for sale so make sure to check out our site! Whether its a baby boy doll, baby girl or a toddler, our preemie dolls for sale are small pieces of art and it's best if you add them to your nursery! Check categories within our shop to view more baby dolls that look real and feel real!