16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl
16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl
16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl
16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl
16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl
16” Laughing Fashionable Reborn Girl

16” Laughing Fashionable Lifelike Baby Girl Doll

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We don’t know about you, but we simply love happy smiling baby dolls! When you take a look at this baby doll, all your worries go away. If you had a bad day at work or you’re simply stressed out, spending some quality time with the little one will make things much better for you.

Regardless of its good looks, high-quality work is what makes this baby doll worth your while. Artist will use the best material for these custom baby dolls that look real and act real: quality vinyl is used for arms and legs while the body is made of cloth. This adorable baby girl is the perfect piece of art with lots of beautiful features. If you pay close attention, you may notice its high-grade acrylic eyes, soft tender baby lips, healthy nails and skin that feels real, hair which is rooted by hand and can be washed and combed and so on. All of these are good reasons why you should at least consider purchasing this real baby doll.

So, what kind of accessories are you getting inside of the box?

  • Beforementioned realistic baby doll

  • Magnetic pacifier

  • Feeding baby bottle

  • Amazing set of clothes that goes well with the doll’s persona

When talking about handmade clothing, this newborn baby sure is fashionable. Shirt has numerous cute details that are always a good choice for both babies and toddlers. Skirt tells you that she wants to become a ballerina but the ribbon on the top of her head tells you she’s not ready for such a big step yet.

If you need someone to lighten up your home, look no further. This doll is just the thing you’ve been waiting for. Even if you never had experience with lifelike doll babies or you already have several of them, she definitely needs a warm home and we truly hope you are the one to provide it for her. Have in mind that these products are also good for kids if they take care of them properly. So, if you're looking for a gift, keep in mind that a child needs to be at least 3 years or older to properly take care of the new item. 

If you're looking for baby dolls for sale, you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for a baby girl doll, toddler or a boy, you can always buy a collectible baby girl cheap through our online shop! We also offer free shipping! 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~16 inches/ 40 cm

Weight: ~2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg

Material: Soft vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle