14” Reborn Baby Awake With Open Eyes And Mouth
14” Reborn Baby Awake With Open Eyes And Mouth
14” Reborn Baby Awake With Open Eyes And Mouth
14” Reborn Baby Awake With Open Eyes And Mouth
14” Reborn Baby Awake With Open Eyes And Mouth

14” Pretty Little Real Life Silicone Princess Doll

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If you ever wondered "Where can I buy silicone dolls?", you've come to the right place!

Babies seem to have all the wisdom of the world when you look into their eyes, right? And if you decide on getting this real looking baby doll, you’ll constantly wonder what mysteries it wants to tell you. That’s thanks to the lifelike features and expression on the unique little face.

Expert artists created a face with rosy cheeks and fine eyebrows, by applying paint to the vinyl doll. The result is mesmerizing. You’ll want to stare into the acrylic eyes until you’ve found the answer in life you were looking for.

And why not enjoy some fun grooming time? Does your child want a beautiful 14” doll that he or she can have fun with as well? This Full Silicone Baby is all you need. The lovely set of paste hair is long enough to make a pigtail for that cute look that fits most little girls.

Like with most other realistic baby dolls, the body of this realistic baby girl is made of soft cotton and cloth. On the other hand, its limbs are made of best quality painted silicone. You can, therefore, cuddle with it. Place the small finger with its realistic-looking nail near the red, open mouth which is ideal for a pacifier (or pacifiers) as well as bottle. This is what any real baby will look like after sucking its thumb while staring at you with big eyes framed by dainty lashes. The newborn baby also has an amazing set of clothes that you'll surely love. 

We bet you're excited to add this tiny silicone baby doll to your nursery. Get ready to experience so many precious moments that will seem so real, with this item. Our silicone baby girl dolls for sale have free shipping so order one today! 

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~14 inches/ 35 cm

Weight: ~2.8 lb/ 1.3 kg

Material: Silicone head and limbs

Hair: Wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes