9” Mini Reborn Baby Twin Dolls
9” Mini Reborn Baby Twin Dolls
9” Mini Reborn Baby Twin Dolls
9” Mini Reborn Baby Twin Dolls
9” Mini Reborn Baby Twin Dolls

12” Black Miniature Doll Twins

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If you're looking for realistic vinyl dolls for sale under $50, then this site is the right thing for you!

When you browse the internet and check all these baby dolls twins, you may notice that most of them are not so unique. In other words, artists often make two identical dolls and sell them like that. While this makes sense (as they are twins) it really leaves a bland feeling. In the end, each time you buy a new realistic baby doll you want a new experience, a new baby to take care of. This is precisely why these realistic twins are so great and are one of the top products on our site. 

One thing that is noticeable from the get-go is that one twin is a baby girl while the second is a baby boy. This makes everything much more interesting and cute.

These baby dolls also have different stances besides numerous other custom details. While the boy has wide-open eyes and is planning various mischiefs, it seems that the little princess is very sleepy. As you can see, they are very beautiful together.

Another thing that is very impressive is their clothing; it is the perfect thing for all those who love the retro style. Each set is pretty cool and with unique details. Besides clothes, these newborn products come with other accessories which you'll definitely love.  

The dolls are relatively small in size and each product has a soft vinyl body. The girl has closed eyes while the boy has eyes made out of acrylic. Their hands are also in a bit different positions. Artists also did a great job with their hair making it look as real as possible. 

If you ever wanted to adopt twins, this is a great opportunity for you. These two dolls are pretty amazing and go well together. If you ask us, they have much more character than most twins you can buy online. The lifelike reborn babies can be a great gift for children or a great addition to your nursery. However, please have in mind that these items are not your regular toys. Although some people find them to be the best present for a toddler they do require some special attention. 

We have several lifelike babies for sale under 50 dollars; might as well buy them all! Don't forget to check our categories for special offers. If you want to learn more about our shop, make sure to join our Facebook community. 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~12 inches/ 30 cm

Weight: ~1.1 lb/ 0.5 kg

Material: Soft vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-drawn hair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes