11” Tiny Reborn Baby With Hand Painted Hair
11” Tiny Reborn Baby With Hand Painted Hair
11” Tiny Reborn Baby With Hand Painted Hair
11” Tiny Reborn Baby With Hand Painted Hair
11” Tiny Reborn Baby With Hand Painted Hair

11” Teeny-weeny Realistic Full Silicone Baby Girl

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Do you want to hold a tiny little body, as if you’re looking after a newborn baby?  Everything about this sweet 11” Real Baby helps to simulate that feeling. Enjoy the protective feeling of such a tiny creation or let your child experience what it’s like holding a very little baby. It can also be a good, new present for your kids!

Along with its small size, this baby doll doesn’t even have real hair. And isn’t that how many newborn babies are? A few strands are hand painted on the small head, but that’s all you’ll find underneath the adorable outfit and hat.

The baby seems extremely realistic since the head almost seems too large for the small body. And once again, that’s what you’ll think looking at newborn babies too. Our real life looking baby dolls have lots of great details, they have a perfect design and are made out of high-quality materials making them some of the most sold products on the market. 

Look at the small clenched fist and you’ll see the effects of expertly painted exterior features on the vinyl. The nails and folds of the hands look so lifelike and the face has these same effects. See how the thin eyebrows and slightly shaded cheeks mimic what you’ll find on any other baby. Our baby dolls also have the best acrylic eyes. Luckily for people, these vinyl realistic dolls are for sale. We will also add a few accessories to make your shopping even better! 

Your child will love looking after this realistic looking baby, or you can enjoy holding the body close if you want someone to care for. Thanks to the soft cotton inside of its body, you’ll love pulling your tiny newborn silicone baby close. The experience will definitely change your life. Is this the one you’ll give a home?

Our real fake babies are for sale in the U.S. so order them now! 

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~11 inches/ 28 cm

Weight: ~0.9 lb/ 0.4 kg

Material: Full body silicone vinyl

Hair: Hand-drawn hair

Body: Silicone vinyl 

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, gift toy