11” Premature Infant Reborn Boy
11” Premature Infant Reborn Boy
11” Premature Infant Reborn Boy

11” Premature Infant Realistic Doll

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There are so many similarities between real newborn dolls and real babies. First and foremost, both of them can be regarded as cute. Even cheap realistic baby dolls are amazing pieces of art, and they still look innocent and peaceful which is probably the main reason why we love them so much.

Most people who have real baby dolls see them, not only as toys or dolls but a way of relaxing after a hard day at work. It is a really good feeling holding a real baby doll in your arms, playing with it or putting it to sleep. Collectors who have big nurseries full of these dolls still find time to play with each one of them while also providing lots of care and love.

This particular item is the best representation of realistic baby dolls: it is a peaceful baby girl, with its eyes wide shut and hands in a common, baby-like position. Everything was made by hand and the artist did the best job possible to emphasize small details and imperfections adding to the overall realism. The baby is 26 centimeters long (or 11 inches) which makes it a perfect fit for arms. It was properly weighted so when you hold it, it gives a feeling as if you’re holding a real baby.

These real looking baby dolls are pretty awesome and if you’re a doll lover, you will definitely like this tiny angel. Putting this vinyl baby to sleep is an amazing experience and if you order it today from our online store, we’re certain you’ll have a good time!


Product specification

Dimensions: ~11 inches/ 28 cm

Material: Soft vinyl

Hair: Hand-drawn hair

Eyes: Closed acrylic eyes 

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier