11” Little Peanut Princess Reborn Doll
11” Little Peanut Princess Reborn Doll
11” Little Peanut Princess Reborn Doll
11” Little Peanut Princess Reborn Doll
11” Little Peanut Princess Reborn Doll

11” Little Peanut Soft Vinyl Doll

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Are you looking to buy a vinyl baby girl as a gift for your child, or for yourself? If so, we have the best peanut doll ever! This little 11” Realistic Doll is the perfect addition to your family and everyone will fall in love with her.

Its tiny little body will make you feel protective of this very lifelike doll. The realism is thanks to the entire body being made of soft vinyl, to which layers of paint are added. Thanks to small intricate details painted by hand, each little princess is unique. One of these special babies can be yours today!

You’ll find painted nails on her fingers and the skin is shaded to resemble the ruddiness you find on many babies’ skin. All the folds and wrinkles are colored perfectly. Her dainty lips are pink & look moist thanks to the unique paint used.

Let’s take a look at her head. You’ll find mohair glued to her small skull, so your baby’s face is framed with fine hair. Her gorgeous big acrylic eyes are highlighted with long lashes and the final touches are the hand-painted eyebrows. Yes, these expert manufacturers tend to every detail.

The product is ideal for both children and adults since she’s durable and safe. All materials used during manufacturing are non-toxic and she only weighs 0.3kg. This makes her safe even for younger children. For you, as an adult, this tiny, fragile plush baby will draw out all your parental, protective instincts. We will also add several accessories to make our customer even happier.

Is this the item you’ve been looking for? She’s looking for a home, so make sure to buy it! 

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~11 inches/ 28 cm

Weight: ~0.7 lb/ 0.3 kg

Material: Soft vinyl

Hair: Wig

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, gift toy