Realistic silicone dolls FAQ - Your most common questions answered

Q: How long does your shipping take?

A: Fast shipping is our top priority. Usually, our items arrive within 20-30 days. However, we've had deliveries which took just 15 days to arrive at our clients' doorstep.

Q: Do you have a refund and return policy?

A: Yes, absolutely! If your product is damaged or you never receive it for some reason, we'll be happy to refund all your money. Read more about returns here.

Q: What courier do you use?

A: We work with ePacket delivery from China. It's the fastest and most reliable shipping provider which delivers your goods to your doorstep.

Q: How much will my shipping cost?

A: Our shipping is completely free of charge. You'll receive our dolls with at no additional cost!

Q: How can I track my order?

A: Just visit this link and check the status of your package.

Q: How much do silicone baby dolls cost?

A: Cheapest ones cost around $50 while the most expensive ones are $20,000 and more.

Q: Why do realistic dolls cost so much?

A: Materials can be quite expensive especially if a client wants a more realistic doll. Artist creating a doll has to be skilled and experienced which drives the price even higher.

Q: How much time does reborning process take?

A: High-quality dolls require about 1 work week to complete (30 – 40 hours).

Q: What type of materials are being used for our lifelike dolls?

A: Doll’s body is made of soft polymer vinyl. There are other materials involved in the process as well.

Q: Where can I buy realistic silicone dolls?

A: You can buy them online or during conventions and conferences. The easiest way to purchase a silicone baby in through our website. Check out our collection!

Q: Who buys silicone baby dolls?

A: These realistic baby dolls are usually bought by adult women either for coping with a loss of for their doll collection.

Q: Can children play with these dolls?

A: Although children can play with them, most people buy them for them for their own collection.

Q: Do our dolls move?

A: Traditional realistic baby dolls don’t move and they don’t have mechanical parts. However, when you buy a custom-made doll, it’s possible to add different accessories such as voice boxes, heat packs, baby fat, electronic devices and so on.