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Are you looking for a new realistic toddler doll? Then you’ve come to the right site! Our online shop has one of the best assortments of toddler baby dolls and if you simply browse our categories you’ll find the perfect product for you. These sweet lifelike toddlers can be a great toy for kids, you can purchase collectible dolls online as a birthday gift or you can simply add them to your own nursery. 

Every toddler doll looks real and was handmade by a proficient artist. These babies are simply beautiful. When it comes to realistic dolls, the body is made by using cloth and cotton while head and limbs are made of a special soft vinyl. They have soft hair which resembles that of a newborn, they have lifelike eyes, realistic hand painted skin, long eyelashes, and each set comes with custom clothes. Toddler doll toys are weighted and have a similar size as real children which is why these items feel so real in your arms. Every box set is sold with some additional accessories and supplies besides clothing kits (such as a magnetic pacifier or a baby bottle). There are so many popular, quality features and details on these realistic collectible baby dolls that you'll surely love. Please don't wait for years to buy one of our top items! 

In a sense, each realistic collectible doll is a small piece of art! If you care about them, want to play and cuddle with one, make sure to buy your own preemie today. Once you order a cute baby doll from our store, the item will come to your home address within days. We always have new products on sale so make sure to check us out from time to time. Follow us to learn more!