23″ Lifelike Indian Reborn Baby Doll
23″ Lifelike Indian Reborn Baby Doll
23″ Lifelike Indian Reborn Baby Doll
23″ Lifelike Indian Reborn Baby Doll
23″ Lifelike Indian Reborn Baby Doll

23″ Full Soft Vinyl Lifelike Indian Baby Doll

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I love that baby dolls can truly make anyone happy. With this 23” doll you can have a new Indian baby in your home. Is this the one you’ve been looking for all along?

Thanks to the expertise of lifelike baby manufacturers and artists, this beautiful girl doll with brown shaded skin can be the new child your family adores. Lifelike baby dolls feel special and can definitely change your life!

The detail of the skin transforms a simple doll into a very lifelike little Indian girl. When you hold her close you’ll see the perfectly painted nails, the pink hue on her cheeks and the dark eyebrows. And let’s not forget the small pink lips. The paint lets them seem almost moist. Very realistic! Her eyes and realistic size are additional things that make this quality vinyl baby a real piece of art. 

The realism doesn’t stop when you get to the baby’s head. Do you love playing with someone’s hair? This wire wig is long enough to brush, but also to put it up into a ponytail. Or perhaps you prefer a bow since the hair frames the pretty face beautifully. Unlike some other babies that have hand-rooted hair, with this newborn, you won't have to be that precautious. 

What is your favorite pastime when looking after a real baby? Most of it you can do with this one too. She can even keep a customized pacifier in her mouth. The tiny body is soft, but thanks to the cotton stuffing and the way the limbs & head (made of quality soft vinyl) are connected to it, you can have your baby sit up straight while you feed her, dress her or play with her hair.

This newborn doll also comes with various accessories. Upon delivery, you will also get clothes and some other cool items.

Have you decided on what to name her yet? She will be a great addition to your nursery and we hope you'll take a good care of her! 

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~23 inches/ 57 cm

Weight: ~3.5 lb/ 1.6 kg

Material: Soft vinyl

Hair: Wig

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes