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Reborn dolls can be an ideal companion regardless of your age. They are great as collectible items, as comfort items and role-play toys. However, they shouldn’t be used as plain toys as they are much more than that. Each reborn is a small piece of art that needs a warm home. Hopefully, you’re the one to accommodate.

Our reborn babies are made from various materials. Most of them have ¾ vinyl arms and legs with a cloth body. This makes them both soft and sturdy. Due to vinyl and a large number of details on skin, it is sometimes hard to tell whether this is a doll or a real child. So, don’t be surprised if people stop you on the street wanting to take pictures with your baby! You can see a lot of molting, veining and blushing on these babies giving them a warm, realistic appearance as if they were real children.

Accessories improve the overall impression. All reborn baby dolls for sale come with a set of custom clothes and various other items. Depending on the artist who made your doll, you might also receive a certificate of birth, a blanket, a magnetic pacifier, a bottle and so on. There are usually several items within a package so don’t be surprised if you get all these mentioned items.

Lastly, we need to mention the babies’ hair. In most of the cases, it will be hand-rooted by other techniques such as hand-drawing and wigs are also present. Keep in mind that hair is very sensitive and requires a lot of attention. Out of all these, hand-rooted hair is definitely the best and gives the most authentic appearance. Eyelashes are also a great detail that helps dolls win you over.

So, if you’re looking for a new reborn baby doll to buy, make sure to check our site. We have an amazing collection of lifelike babies so you will definitely find according to your taste. Feel free to call us as well if you have any additional questions.

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