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If you’re looking to buy a brand new silicone baby boy, you can find a real product in our shop! Lifelike boy dolls are beautiful, high-quality products that will affect your life in a big way. Realistic baby dolls can be great companions and provide a stress relief. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, these baby dolls have soft silicone vinyl body, lifelike eyes, lovely head, painted skin, realistic arms and legs, cute clothes, nice set of hair rooted by hand and all other accessories that make them similar to a real newborn child or a toddler.

Artists make these silicone babies for sale with lots of love which is precisely why they’re so special and why people view reborning as an art form. Lifelike baby doll can be bought as a gift for children or you can add it to your personal nursery. This type of an item can be a great purchase for kids. Even though silicone babies are weighted for a more authentic feeling, their full body is rather small in size which makes them quality toys. Every inch of baby's cloth body feels alive; you can move their limbs, change their clothing, open their eyes, take them for a bath, and do all sorts of fun things with our dolls. Given they are sold with lots of accessories (you can find them within the box), they are amazing for role-playing. 

Don’t forget to browse our top categories; we offer the best price for any lifelike baby girl or full body silicone doll, Afro-American babies as well as silicone baby twins. You can also check out the full list of doll products – some of them are a limited release so please don’t be surprised if we sell them quickly. Feel free to add us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletters if you want to learn all the details regarding delivery, deals, the material being used as well as category pages.