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Mini silicone babies are one of the most popular categories of realistic baby dolls. The category refers to miniature and prematurely born babies. They are tiny items with body size ranging from 9 to 17 inches. They also feel much lighter but that doesn’t make them less realistic or less beautiful.

Each collectible mini silicone doll is made by a highly skilled artist and is meant to resemble a real baby. Artists make them by using special doll kits which have various supplies and parts such as head, limbs, glass eyes, hair and other tools necessary for the creation of a newborn baby doll. Realistic babies are usually made of soft silicone vinyl making them more lifelike. Artist also paints the skin and will add other details. The final product is usually sold with accessories such as clothes, pacifier etc. Some mini lifelike collectible dolls may have additional features in comparison to classic items. Although they are a good gift for kids, adults also find them to be amazing due to their original looks. 

Every mini baby on sale in our store was handmade and is of great quality. Whether you wish to order a small preemie, a cute new baby boy doll or a sweet silicone baby girl, we got you covered! Feel free to select and purchase one of the numerous items available on our site. Our online shop also offers free shipping and a full refund in case of damaged products or missing items. We also offer the best price so don’t waste time and purchase your mini silicone lifelike baby today! If you wish to read the latest news, please make sure to follow our site and share the best stories!

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