Full Body Silicone Baby Dolls for Sale

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Full body silicone baby dolls are one of the best realistic dolls. Whether we’re talking about full silicone baby or just regular lifelike silicone babies, these newborn baby items will change your life.

Handmade silicone dolls are really popular, especially among collectors and women. Sometimes people buy silicone baby dolls as a gift for their kids; however, these products are much more than simple toys. Every realistic doll is sold as a real art piece and has a price to match. Soft silicone vinyl is the popular material. Artists will use them for head, body, arms, and legs. Small eyes are added in various colors, cute hair is rooted by hand, skin is painted several times over, all in an effort to bring more realism to full silicone dolls.

Each product varies in size ranging from 9-inch silicone doll to 24+ inches and they also have different features. You will also receive some good quality accessories when you purchase your new baby boy, baby girl or a mini doll. You may find items such as clothes, pacifier, and baby bottle and so on.

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