Cheap Silicone Baby Dolls for Sale

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Here you can find cheap silicone baby dolls for sale so if you love a good sale, always remember that you can get the best price when you order affordable silicone dolls directly through our site! We have a great selection of new items to choose from; if you’re looking for a silicone toddler doll, a realistic newborn baby girl or a handsome lifelike baby boy, we are certain you’ll find a great lifelike baby doll.

Our newborn silicone babies are so lifelike they resemble a real baby. We sell various models and promote top artists within the industry. If you love custom toys with high-quality parts and features such as soft silicone vinyl body and limbs, acrylic eyes, a set of hair which was rooted by hand, painted skin or cute clothing, you will have lots of fun browsing through our collection of products. The dolls have similar size and weight as the real kids so they will feel great in your arms. Each small beauty sold within our store is a piece of art with lots of great details and each artist will take its time to instill life into these silicone baby dolls. Solid silicone is the popular material for these items but please keep in mind that each silicone product is different in its own rights. 

Have in mind that we’re not selling full kits, nursery supplies or accessories. However, you will get some additional items with the toy such as a set of handmade clothes and/or a magnetic pacifier. Whether you’re buying a sweet silicone doll as a gift for your kids or for yourself, it has to be special! Feel free to check other categories within the shop or sign to our newsletter if you wish to learn more about realistic baby dolls.