18” Reborn Baby Toddler Playmate With Clothing Accessories
18” Reborn Baby Toddler Playmate With Clothing Accessories
18” Reborn Baby Toddler Playmate With Clothing Accessories
18” Reborn Baby Toddler Playmate With Clothing Accessories

18” Beautiful Lifelike Doll Baby Girl

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Don’t you just love hugging toddler baby dolls? You want to protect them and care for them so nothing will ever hurt them. And that’s what you’ll feel if you purchase this lifelike vinyl baby toddler. With the wide-open eyes and the pink cheeks, it seems as if the baby will burst into laughter at any second.

Isn’t that an ideal expression to have in your home? Or perhaps it’s the doll a child will love instantly. Whether you're buying it for your kids or for yourself, this small piece of art will change your life!

This item has a beautiful set of hair and is dressed in striking clothing. Though it has synthetic hair, it looks real and in line with features of a doll toddler, the hair is long enough for you to comb and play with.

It has big acrylic eyes and beautiful eyelashes. Note that the eyes can’t close or blink, so you’ll always enjoy its attentive stare.

When it comes to size, this 18” doll is big enough to comfortably handle. You won’t feel you’re about to break it just by carrying it around. Like most real live baby dolls you can even place it in sitting position as its arms and legs are movable. The soft, but sturdy vinyl is used for limbs and the realistic baby doll will hold its form allowing it to take its place at the table or on the couch. On the other hand, a cloth is used for the body. Artist also did a great job with its skin; the fine quality of this lifelike toddler is common for these products. 

Time for a change of clothing? Simply take off the cute outfit and replace it with new baby clothes. Note that neither the painted vinyl exterior nor the soft cotton body should ever get wet. Please have in mind that when you buy a product, you also get various supplies and accessories within the box.

Is this the most realistic baby doll you've seen or what?

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~18 inches/ 45 cm

Weight: ~2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes