18” Adorable Silicone Reborn Girl With Ribbon
18” Adorable Silicone Reborn Girl With Ribbon
18” Adorable Silicone Reborn Girl With Ribbon
18” Adorable Silicone Reborn Girl With Ribbon
18” Adorable Silicone Reborn Girl With Ribbon

18” Adorable Realistic Baby Girl with Ribbon

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Whether you are an avid doll collector or a casual buyer, there is one thing that will affect the majority of your purchases. This one factor is the cuteness of a doll.

Collectible baby dolls that look real are made in a human image and should look similar to real newborns or toddlers.  If an artist has placed lots of effort on humanizing a doll and that doll also happens to look nice, then you have the winning combination. These products are handmade by using a quality material (or materials) and are regarded as quite exclusive. This also makes them much different from your regular toys and if you're looking for a gift for your child, please keep in mind that full body soft vinyl babies for sale are unlike any toy item you can find online. 

Regardless of different tastes, most people will say that this particular baby doll is extremely cute. It has amazing facial features paired with cute baby hair and lips. On top of it all, this beauty has incredibly-looking clothes (shoes not included). Hair ribbon is another detail that adds to its appearance.

The beautiful doll has soft vinyl limbs and cloth body. This is precisely why it looks and feels so real. When buying the product, a customer will also receive several accessories. If you ever adopted real looking dolls then you know there are certain things you need to be careful of such as:

  • Keeping your new baby in the sunlight

  • Keeping your doll close to heat sources

  • Putting a doll into water

  • Allowing kids and animals to play with it

  • Being negligent with sharp objects

Lifelike dolls are very similar to real babies when it comes to time and effort you need to put into them. You can’t simply leave them in the corner. Make sure to always be careful with newborn dolls that look real as this can significantly increase their life expectancy.

We are certain that this baby doll will make a nice addition to your collection!

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Product specification

Dimensions: ~18 inches/ 45 cm

Weight: ~2.6 lb/ 1.2 kg

Material: Vinyl head, 3/4 limbs

Hair: Wig

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, blanket