16” Chubby-faced Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl
16” Chubby-faced Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl
16” Chubby-faced Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl
16” Chubby-faced Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl
16” Chubby-faced Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl

16” Chubby-faced Realistic Baby Girl

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If you ask me, there is nothing cuter than seeing a ribbon on top of a baby’s hair. In that sense, this collectible baby doll does a great job. In the end, if you’re looking for a new item that will resemble a real newborn baby, you may as well buy this product.

This cute doll can easily change its stance; you can put it to sleep or place it in a sitting position. When it comes to hair, it is very soft and similar to that of a real human being. Fiber hair was used for it and artist hand rooted it for more realism. But even though you probably would love to play with its hair, its best if you refrain from it – like other lifelike, realistic baby dolls, the doll’s hair is quite delicate.

Needless to say, this little beauty can be bought as a gift for one of your doll-loving friends or perhaps your kids. Of course, you can also adopt it yourself. Let’s be honest; who wouldn’t like to have one of these small angels in their home nursery? One day you can even give it to your child.

The box comes with several different supplies and accessories such as the doll itself, 1 set of clothes, 1 baby bottle, 1 diaper, 1 magnetic pacifier, 1 birth certificate. Basically, you will get all the items that these beautiful cheap vinyl babies otherwise need.

PP cotton, cloth, as well as soft vinyl, were used for creating the body of this sweet girl doll thus bringing it into life. It is a small piece of art and all its parts were handmade. Its skin, clothing, and size make it feel special. These babies that look real need to be kept as far away as possible from fire and other heat sources as well as water. Sunlight can also cause damage to it so be careful where you leave your real baby doll. 

We have lots of real-looking girl dolls for sale so even if you don't like this one, there are other fake babies that look real to buy through our site! If you're interested in some other type of collectible babies that aren't for free (for example a lifelike boy or a toddler) make sure to browse other categories within our online shop! 


Product specification

Dimensions: ~16 inches/ 40 cm

Weight: ~2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Acrylic eyes

Accessories: Clothes, pacifier, milk bottle, diaper, certificate of authenticity