16” Beautifully Sleeping Reborn Baby Girl
16” Beautifully Sleeping Reborn Baby Girl
16” Beautifully Sleeping Reborn Baby Girl
16” Beautifully Sleeping Reborn Baby Girl
16” Beautifully Sleeping Reborn Baby Girl

16” Beautifully Sleeping Baby Girl Doll

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Like real babies, dolls need lots of attention. Also, there is something calming about these lifelike baby dolls. This is especially true when you watch them sleep as there is nothing more relaxing and peaceful. The little baby on photos epitomizes peacefulness and serenity and when you buy it, I’m sure it will transfer some of it to you. By taking care of it, your life will change for the better in no time! 

As you can presume based on this, the cute baby doll cannot open its eyes. Still, its limbs can easily rotate allowing you to put it in various positions. Its head and limbs are made of soft vinyl while it has cloth body. While some people may prefer a full soft vinyl doll, a newborn baby made of cloth can be every bit realistic. All of this makes it feel more comfortable when you’re carrying it. As for hair, it’s implanted by hand and is incredibly soft. There are also other beautiful handmade details on this beauty making it that much more special. Within the box, you will also get a set of clothes and shoes as well as other supplies and accessories. 

There are numerous ways a person can use this doll:

  • It can be used as a companion tool for maternity matron, mother-to-be, gynecology nurses etc.

  • It can be used as a play toy for kids

  • It can be used by women who have lost a child as a way of reducing the trauma and coping with a loss

  • It can be used as one of the items in kindergartens

  • It can be used as a prop either for movie industry or for photographers

  • It is a great item for collectors

Most people do not realize all the potential ways fake baby dolls that look real can be used. Due to their similarity to real babies, these dolls may be used in situations where actual newborns are not suitable or would be inappropriate to use them in such a manner. Nevertheless, the most individual would buy them for their cuteness.

We have lots of new baby girl dolls that look real for sale so make sure to buy a real-looking collectible baby today! Our shop always offers some great deals so if you wish to make an additional purchase, make sure to browse our categories for other products! Baby dolls are the best gift for children and can be every bit as engaging as some other toys.


Product specification

Dimensions: ~16 inches/ 40 cm

Weight: ~1.7 lb/ 0.8 kg

Material: Vinyl head and limbs

Hair: Hand-rooted mohair

Body: Cloth with PP Cotton

Eyes: Closed eyes

Accessories: Clothes