Used Reborn Dolls: Things You Need To Know

When we want to purchase something, most of us prefer getting new things. Not only can we lay claim that this product is ours and ours alone, but you can also rest assured it will be in a mint condition. Something similar goes for reborn dolls.

One of the main reasons why reborn dolls are not mainstream is their price. They can be quite expensive for some people which is why they might never get one of these dolls. As an alternative solution, the future reborn parents can opt to get a used reborn.

used reborn baby doll

Why should you consider getting a used reborn?

Reborn baby dolls are quite specific items. They differ from most other toy dolls in the sense that they are irreplaceable and that most people will not get bored with them. While your regular toy dolls are something that kids use for several years at best, reborn can last for ages especially if you’re a collector. This makes the initial investment that much better.

Still, does it make up for the high price? It is really hard to say.

Keep in mind that not everyone will love a reborn; some parents will never get used and might want to resell it really quickly after getting one. This makes the purchase that much riskier as you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you might not even use.

Because of this, used reborns are a great initial solution.

If you decide to buy a used reborn, this will allow you to buy a doll at a relatively cheap price. After that, you can decide whether this hobby is something you truly like. That being said, used reborns are ideal for first-time parents allowing them to save some money.

But that’s not the only reason why you should consider getting one.

Always remember that these items are primarily emotional items; although you will play with them, the mental and relaxation aspect is much more important. This goes for everyone including the doll’s previous owners. As a result, you can rest assured that a used reborn baby will be in a relatively good condition. While reborn babies are usually fragile items, considerate reborn parents and collectors make sure no harm is done to them. Eventually, by buying a used reborn you will get a product that is very similar to a new one.

Lastly, if you buy a reborn baby, you are giving it a home and a fresh start!

Things to consider

Although buying a used reborn seems like a no-brainer due to its reduced price, there are certain things you need to consider in order to make the best trade possible:

  • Current price

Some doll enthusiasts tend to sell used dolls at a really high price. Keep in mind that people are often attached to them and might put a higher price than it actually should be. In order to check whether or not this price is realistic, ask for the author’s name and try to find out how much money she or he is selling the dolls.

  • State of the doll

Doll’s condition will play a major part in determining the price of a doll. Certain things tend to be problematic such as doll’s skin, hair, eyelashes, and cloth body. Pay attention to these areas and take your time determining whether or not a doll is in good condition.

  • Transaction process

There are a lot of websites that are selling used reborns. But, people are also selling them via Facebook and Instagram. If you do decide to go with individual sellers, be aware that there is no safety net when buying or selling via Facebook. The transaction might be jeopardized and you might not even see your doll. So, make sure this individual is reputable and that everything will go as planned. No matter what, we would still advise you to go with a reselling website instead.

Last thoughts

Used dolls can be great companions.

They are very similar to brand new pieces and as long as they are in good condition and the price is right, there is no reason why you should immediately shun such an opportunity.

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