10 Things That Can Ruin Your Dolls Collection

Collectible dolls are amazing in so many ways. Some of them are decades and even centuries old making them not only fancy toys but valuable historic pieces.

These items are a big investment in terms of money and time. Most of them are unique which means once, they’re damaged, there is no turning back.

preserve doll collection

It would be a real shame if your new, incredible collectible doll is ruined by an outside factor. In order to prevent it, I have created this article pointing out 10 things you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Natural light

Natural light is a big enemy not only of dolls but other collectibles as well. Sunlight can easily fade the paint. Furthermore, it will also have a negative impact on vinyl and cloth. Direct sunlight needs to be avoided at all costs. Ideally, you should keep collectibles in a room with dimmed light and with small windows.

  1. Fluorescent light

While sunlight is the common culprit that most people know about, fluorescent light can also pose a problem. It is especially hazardous to vinyl as it turns its normal color into green over time. Incandescent light is a good alternative but make sure that the dolls are far away from the heat source as this can also have a negative impact.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is bad both to your health and to your dolls. As you well know, the odor is rather strong and will easily get into the fabric. This can be disastrous for collectibles’ clothing. In fact, people are reluctant to buy dolls which reek of smoke so keep that in mind if you ever try to resell your baby. Furthermore, chemicals within cigarettes can have a negative impact on puppets after prolonged exposure.

  1. Dust

Dust is always an issue at homes. If there is too much dust in your nursery, yellow color will start covering the items and especially their clothes. This might force you to use strong chemicals to clean them up which in turn can negatively affect the paint and other parts of the dolls.

  1. Pets

It is well known that pets can destroy pretty much anything. They are especially troublesome when it comes to dolls and other similar objects as they tend to claw and chew them. In order to prevent this, make sure to keep your pets away. Ideally, you should have a separate room for the collectibles which will be kept locked at all times.

  1. Bugs

If you think that the pets are troublesome, bugs are the real nuisance. Insects can practically destroy any part of a doll including its paint, clothes, hair and they can even dig holes inside of them. Make sure to regularly check for bugs and use chemicals to kill them off.

  1. Cabinets

An even better solution than having a separate room is having a separate closet. If you have a special closet dedicated to your favorite collectibles, you can rest assured that things such as pets, insects, sunlight and heat can never touch them. It would be even better if you can control the temperature and light within it so you can always have the perfect humidity.

  1. Hot and cold

Extreme temperatures never help when it comes to sensitive items. This is no different when it comes to dolls. Heat can cause all sorts of issues to paint, vinyl and silicone while cold can cause cracks within certain types of puppets. Having temperature control always help. You might also want to move your dolls from rooms that are too hot or cold.

  1. Acids and chemicals

It is normal to clean the rooms from time to time. Unfortunately, you will have to use strong chemicals to do so. Needless to say, chemicals and acids can eat away your dolls causing irreparable damage. Make sure to remove them from the room when you’re cleaning or even better, keep them in their original boxes at all times.

  1. Air-tight plastic

Considering the previous tip, you might think that air-tight plastic is a good way to keep insects and chemicals out. Wrong. If there is any moisture within a plastic bag, the humidity will start affecting the dolls. So, if you intend on keeping them there, keep in mind that the bags will need openings.

These 10 professional tips would help you preserve your collection of dolls and keep it clean, new and always in great shape.

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