What is a Silicone Baby and Why Might You Need One?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to purchase a silicone doll, and it really comes down to personal choice. In order for you to decide whether you might find use and benefit from purchasing such a product, you first need to know what they are used for, why it might be beneficial to you, and also how they are made. This will help you find the highest quality silicone baby doll for your needs.

Let’s check out a little history first of all.

A silicone baby doll looks very realistic, in fact, they are designed in order to mimic the exact appearance of a real-life baby. The very first dolls of this kind were developed in the US in the ‘90s, and they have come a long way in terms of quality since their origins. Of course, you should shop around in order to find the most realistic and high-quality silicone baby doll, as the general standard does vary from supplier to supplier.

How is a Silicone Baby Doll Made?

As the name would suggest, these types of dolls are made of high-quality silicone, which allows the artist to recreate the real appearance of a baby. It is possible for a baby doll to be designed via a photograph, i.e. replicating the appearance of a real baby.

These types of dolls are made from regular dolls and then customized using various artistic methods and incorporating the silicone for a realistic appearance. The general process includes:

  • The paint from the original doll is removed and a new skin tone is created using high-quality paints
  • A wig is applied for a more realistic appearance or micro-rooting in some cases
  • The body of the doll has a specific filling, to give it a realistic feel when held, i.e. to feel like a regular baby
  • Some high-quality silicone dolls have an electric device inside to replicate a heartbeat, and some also have a breathing mechanism, so you will see the chest moving, just like a real breath

What Are Silicone Baby Dolls Used For?

Silicone baby dolls are most commonly used to replicate a real-life baby, for parenting skill learning purposes. Often such dolls are used by people who are currently too young to have children but want to get used to the routine of having a newborn child so that when they do have children of their own, they are well rehearsed. Parenting simulating routes such as this can greatly improve someone’s parenting skills when the time comes.

There are also much more sombre reasons for using a silicone baby doll, and some parents who have previously lost a child use a doll like this to replace their lost child for a length of time, helping with the grieving process in some cases. Perhaps a couple is unable to have children of their own, but they long for the feeling of caring for a child. In this case, a silicone baby doll could bridge that gap.

Another reason is simply down to collecting such pieces of work, as they are often viewed as works of art, especially the most realistic pieces.

Of course, the jury is out on whether using a silicone baby doll to replace a lost child is a healthy route towards grieving or not. You have to suggest that this is down to the individual’s choice, but many professionals believe that it prolongs the recovery process and makes it harder to grieve properly.

Shopping For Silicone Baby Doll Supplies

Those who purchase a silicone doll treat it as a human baby, and that means buying supplies, such as clothing. Many people consider this to be strange because obviously, this baby isn’t real, so why would you spend good money on buying real clothes. Having said that, the USA, Canada, and across Europe, you will see more and more men and women taking silicone baby dolls out, just as you would a real baby. Perhaps this indicates a growing trend towards bringing mock-babies into the mainstream, boosting parenting skills for the time when a newborn does come their way.

So, if you’ve bought a silicone baby doll, or you’re considering it, how do you go about purchasing the supplies you need to keep him or her in the things they need?

Head online and you will find several websites which are dedicated to silicone baby dolls and supplies; you can also check out Amazon for other specific sellers, all at great prices. You can even head to YouTube and look into how to look after your doll, as specific channels are being set up to help perhaps budding parents of the future learn how to care for their doll.

Your silicone baby doll can use real-life baby clothes, diapers, and you can purchase a stroller and toys, just as you would for a regular baby boy or girl. You can make your own clothes if you prefer, again, just as you would for a real baby. It’s about making the experience as realistic as possible, to enhance the overall experience.

Could a Silicone Baby Doll be a Great Gift Idea?

I was gifted by first silicone baby doll as Valentine’s Day present, back in High School. It might come across as a strange gift to receive from an admirer/friend, and perhaps at the time I thought so too, but as I looked at the beautifully recreated doll before me, I really appreciated the time and effort which had gone into creating this wonderful work of realistic art.

I thanked my friend for gifting me this doll, and he explained to me that his auntie had made it especially for me. I asked why, and he told me that she was a professional baby doll artist, making her living from the thing she loves to do. She took regular dolls and recreated them, turning them into something befitting a real-life baby. The time and creative effort which had gone into making this doll, just for me, really blew me away, and I was overcome with gratitude. My friends may have all been receiving their flowers and chocolates from their secret valentine’s, but my baby doll was one of the most thoughtful gifts I had ever received.

Baby Doll Maintenance

When you first receive your doll, it is possible that you will need to clean up a little of the paint-work in some cases. This is because the skin tone paint occasionally smudges, and you will want your doll to be as realistic as possible. If you pay a little more for your purchase, the likelihood of this is very low.

You can remove the paint using a little acetone on a cotton wool pad, and this will tidy up the appearance; be careful to use only a small amount. I had to do this with my gifted baby doll, and I was careful not to remove too much of the paint on the face, but also to was the rest of the body, to give the same skin tone appearance in a uniform manner. I used downward sweeping motions, keeping them small, to achieve this.

Next up, it’s time to bath your new baby!

A bath with original baby soap will remove any of the cleaning products, and I was careful to use just lukewarm water to make sure the original paintwork remained in the best condition possible. Then, I added in a few bubbles, to make the whole procedure more realistic, allowing me to bath my new baby girl for the first time.

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