Silicone Babies and Reborns - How Are They Different?

Lifelike baby dolls have been around for a while, but they are nothing like the silicone baby dolls that have come to earn a notorious reputation of fooling almost anyone into thinking they are real babies rather than mere dolls that they are.

There have been many cases of people actually misjudging silicone dolls for actual babies, including cases where policemen have had to break into unattended cars just to “rescue” a baby trapped inside only to realize that they’ve been fooled.

Reborn dolls are a popular group of realistic baby dolls that are made by famous artists like Linda Murray, Waltraud Hanl among others notable in the baby doll industry for their role as “reborners” as they are popularly called.

So what are silicone baby dolls exactly?

A simple look at a picture and you will see that silicone baby dolls are lifelike dolls with very realistic features that make them look very much like a real baby and even feels real when you touch it. They have life-like features like capillary vessels and veins, skin, eyelashes, toenails, hair. Some of these dolls can even show facial expressions or make breathing actions and heartbeat.

Based on these unique but very delicate features, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we say silicone baby dolls are much more precious than regular toys and so are created only for children who can appreciate their worth and put in the efforts required in caring for them.

Are reborn dolls different from lifelike dolls?

While many people consider them one and the same thing based on a large number of similarities between them, Reborn dolls are actually different from the normal lifelike dolls. They are usually more refined with much finer details and are not produced in large quantities like other lifelike dolls.

With advances in technology in recent years and new breakthroughs in the industry, you will be surprised with how realistic these reborn baby dolls have gotten. They are not made in large quantities like regular dolls, instead, the artists who make these dolls take the pain to meticulously craft them from a mold paying attention to even the tiniest of details. The skin of the dolls is made from a composite material composed of silicone and Vinyl which makes them feel soft and silky and even smell like real baby skin. Every tiny detailed is important, even the eyelashes and hair are gently set in place one strand at a time using tiny needles. When the job of putting this fine piece of art together is done, they are fitted with actual baby clothes giving them an even more perfectly realistic look. 

What's the secret?

But is there a secret in the entire process that makes these dolls look as real as they do? Actually, there is, asides taking the special pain to mold the dolls with the finest of details, some layers of paint are added on the vinyl. This sometimes causes little imperfections like mottled patches on the dolls. For durability, the paint is drawn in between the vinyl layers. You might even find some reborn dolls which as much as 30 layers of paint, just for that touch of perfection. As an added advantage, this makes it easy to clean the dolls which you can easily do with wet clothes whenever you want to.

While there is no fixed price for realistic baby dolls, like any piece of art, how much they are sold depend largely on the reputation of the artist that made them. The skills of the artists which is, in turn, reflected on the quality of the final product is another important factor that influences price. These handmade silicone bay dolls are much more expensive than regular dolls and their price may vary from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on the artist that designed the dolls.

Why are these dolls so popular?

Reborn silicone baby dolls are popular for a number of very good reasons, asides the fact that they are very adorable and attractive, some toy collectors simply love how refined these artistic figures look. Others go for the dolls due to emotional attachment and desire to nurture. They are also favored by mothers-to-be for use as practice subjects for the purpose of learning the ropes on baby care. There are also the psychological purposes that realistic dolls can serve in therapy for people who have lost a baby.

My first experience with a silicone realistic doll was an interesting one, like most people seeing the doll for the very first time, I was very fascinated. I was taking a jog in the park when I spotted Sarah, the eleven-year-old daughter of one of my neighbor and she appeared to be holding a baby. But when I approached her I was spooked to realize that what I thought was a baby when I first approached was actually a silicone baby doll. It was a really shocking but equally impressive discovery.

There are various reasons for buying and the potential uses of lifelike silicone baby dolls. Many treat them like real children even going to the extent of dressing them up and taking them for walks in a park in strollers. Some special types of reborn dolls even electronic systems that can simulate breathing and even heartbeat of a little child giving them an even more lifelike appearance.

Realistic silicone dolls and psychotherapy

However, many have argued about their usage in psychotherapy. Some psychologists use reborn dolls as substitutes in treating parents with psychological trauma from losing a child. And believe they positively help in relieving the feelings of loss associated with losing a child. Some have however asked if it is really right to use these dolls in Psychotherapy and whether they are actually helpful in treating patients. Whether you agree to their use or not. These dolls actually help in treating some very extreme cases. 

Final Thoughts

If you ever make a decision to get one of these cute little silicone babies, either for yourself or for your little one, you will find them absolutely adorable and remarkably beautiful. We strongly suggest that you check our big collection of realistic babies made of high-quality silicone, we're sure you'll fall in love with some of them!

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