What Is Reborning?

Reborning is one of the most common terms for doll lovers. Still, most people likely haven’t heard of it.

Anyway, the word refers to the process of creating reborn baby dolls.

If you’re new to the topic and don’t have any previous experience with reborn dolls, this article will definitely help.


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What are reborns?

These dolls have existed for quite some time. In fact, the first ones were created during the 1930s and were an instant hit among all doll lovers.

Don’t forget that dolls were always popular throughout history. In fact, as civilization progressed so did they and after a while, they become an art form. In that sense, we can even say that reborns are the real pinnacle of that evolution.

First items were made by enthusiasts who started taking existing products and changing them. They would add small details to a doll adding paint to its skin, changing its hair, eyebrows and making numerous different alterations as well.

The point of the whole process was to create lifelike items that are very similar to real babies. Like with all dolls throughout history, these were made to be as realistic as possible.

Global impact

Even though these products were created by enthusiasts and were meant for a limited number of people (primarily those who love dolls), through globalization they became a widespread phenomenon. Today there are dedicated online communities that support and promote reborn babies. If you’re a part of such community you can get the latest news, learn more about current trends and get other valuable information.

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Creation process

As previously mentioned, back in the day people would make a reborn doll by taking an existing item and changing its features. Lots of has changed since then. Today people usually use reborn kits to create them. Almost every kit has instructions and tools allowing wannabe artists to easily “give birth”.

The whole process takes a long time. Artist usually has to work for a full week until the doll is done. During the process, the skin has to be painted several times, lips, cheeks, eyebrows have to be added, eyelashes and hair are added as well, the doll is baked in an oven several times etc.

These silicone vinyl dolls have a long life expectancy. In fact, they can last for years and years if you take proper care of them.

How people view reborn dolls?

Reborn baby dolls were always a source of controversy. Often perceived as excessively realistic, TV stations and other media would often show them in a negative light. You’ve probably heard a story or two about a middle-aged woman who has all these dolls in her home.

There is also a dark side to them; there are lots of women who lost a child and are now seeking solace with a reborn doll. Even though this sounds gloomy, it seems that reborns can provide a positive stimulation and help people cope with such a traumatic experience.

People who buy them love to play with them and have fun. It is common for a doll owner to feed a reborn, bathe it, take it for a walk etc.

Although there is lots of debate among scientists regarding the benefits of having a reborn doll, it seems they may have a positive impact on people who like them.


Regardless of whether you like them or not, reborn baby dolls are one of the top collectible items in the world. These cute angels can be a great hobby and most people who bought haven’t regretted the purchase.

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