What is a Reborn Toddler Doll?

Reborn dolls are a special type of a product that is popular among collectors as well as women who have lost a child. Each reborn doll is made so it resembles a real baby and to be as lifelike as possible.

Price of a reborn baby doll depends on numerous factors. While most of the products cost around 100 or more dollars, the best items are sold for thousands. Reborn toddlers and other lifelike babies are usually sold online but can also be bought during conferences and conventions.

Dolls reborn - how it all started

Reborns are not a new product; they existed for almost a century.

First dolls of this kind were created during the 1930s. People would take regular toy dolls and would add realistic details, modifying them in several ways. Over time it became an art form and the top handmade pieces resembled a human baby in so many ways.

These toys increased in popularity over the years and are being collected by people all over the world. In the 1990s, more and more manufacturers started producing reborn doll kits and supplies that artists can use to modify the doll and give it that newborn look. Some manufacturers even create their own reborn dolls.

Secrist Dolls, Apple Valley, Berenguer Babies, Lee Middleton, Zapf are popular brand names.

The nursery is a popular term used for artist's online store.

How do artists start the reborning process?

Everything starts by purchasing a basic kit from an online shop. Kit includes a full set of parts and accessories that allow the artist to begin working (arms, legs, head, body, paint brushes, eyelashes, clothes, glue and so on). Parts are made from full silicone vinyl. 

Have in mind that a person can also order other accessories such as eyes and hair. Given that lots of these dolls are custom-made for a client, the artist will have to change certain details. When purchasing a kit, the artist can choose to buy a baby girl or boy kit.

Here are the main steps in the process:

  • A doll is taken apart and factory paint is removed
  • Blue color wash may be added. This will create veins on limbs and body 
  • Flesh colored paint is added to the skin (the item is painted several times during the making process)
  • Sometimes, when using heat set paints, individual parts have to be heat set by either using a heat gun or baking them in an oven
  • Additional details are added including nostrils and manicured nails
  • Applying hair or mohair by hand
  • Body is being weighted with a soft stuffed body. Weight needs to be appropriate to size and age of a doll
  • There are numerous modifications that an artist will make in order to give a doll more "life". This includes magnets inside of the mouth, electronic devices, umbilical cord, heat packs, baby fat, voice box, special clothing etc.

Reborns used for coping with a loss

The purpose of creating a reborn doll is to make a beautiful, realistic doll that will resemble a real child. A toddler is reborn once it has all the details that will make it look alive. 

The big part of the reason behind this is the fact that reborns are often used to help people cope with a loss. These cute, custom dolls are often created to resemble a real baby that a person has lost. Sometimes, clients will ask artists to make a toddler doll based on a photo. So if you wish to be a reborn artist, you have to be open to suggestions! 

Most common clients are women who either lost a child or are suffering from not having a child around. They usually need someone to take care of and they often treat reborns like real babies putting clothes on them, combing their hair, feeding them cookies and so on. 

However, they can also be great for kids and elderly family members. Like other dolls, most female children love to play with these fake babies. It is a good way to learn about responsibilities and keeping your toys intact.  

Buying reborn baby dolls

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