The Real Truth Behind Reborn Pregnancies

Reborn baby dolls are often perceived in a negative way by the general public based on a bad representation by a group of people within the press.

If you browse the Internet and especially social media, you might find various comments about them saying how they’re “scary”, “spooky” as well as “obscene”. Women who collect them are often told to stop and get back to the real world.


It becomes a lot worse when it comes to reborn pregnancy.

Not sure what’s reborn pregnancy? Well then, read on!

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What is a reborn pregnancy?

Have in mind that this is a relatively new thing and the general community doesn’t like it (at least given the way it’s presented in the media and on the Internet). Whenever the topic is mentioned on a local TV, news anchors are going to tell you that this is a troublesome behavior or a sign of something even worse.

Like everything else regarding reborn baby dolls, this is a role-playing process where people pretend as if they’re pregnant with a baby doll. In other words, as a woman waits for a reborn doll to arrive in the mail, she will pretend as if she’s pregnant by taking ultrasound images, wearing a special accessory that will simulate baby bump, pretending she has a child inside of her body, feeling pregnancy pain and doing other things.

According to women who do this, it is one of the best ways to hasten the waiting process.

However, there are lots of people who don’t support such behavior.

For example, there is a story from 2016 where 21-year-old Kathryn Barnes had to delete Facebook and Twitter accounts due to cyberbullying. But this isn’t the only case; there are other stories where women decided to share their experience only to encounter the same response.

But before you make a judgment, let’s see how the realistic silicone baby dolls affect these women.

Are reborns good for women?

According to women who have reborn dolls, they help them cope with various mental health issues and other sorts of family problems. For example:

  • Dolls make them feel better after losing a newborn, losing a child at birth or during pregnancy
  • Dolls make them feel happy and relaxed
  • Dolls help them feel love
  • With dolls, they have someone to take care of

Every mother sees children as their top priority and the most precious thing they have. A woman who has lost a baby girl or a baby boy (or God forbid, several kids) knows how hard it is to make a turn and continue with her life. For some people, it takes months and even years between this state and full recovery. Sometimes it is simply too hard to close a chapter, make that big change and look into the future.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is that reborns may work for both parents and not only mother. We should never forget that a dead child has a great impact on fathers as well. 

At this time, it is hard to say whether or not reborns have a positive long-term impact on human lives; while they might provide mental relief within days, they also might result in person burying the problem and not addressing it properly.

If a person has a really serious issue, it is much better to talk about it and seek professional help. Still, dolls might be used for additional relief.

Our thoughts

Today, people are being scrutinized on a day-to-day basis. If you wish to be a mom but can't give birth, you are left with just a hope. 

While some people view reborns and reborn pregnancy as a negative thing, we need to consider a person’s feeling and how these dolls help them. Regardless of what we may think, if a doll helps an individual overcome hardships in life, we need to do the next best thing and try to assist in any way possible without being judgmental. 

What are your thoughts on reborn pregnancies? Do you support the idea if it helps people?

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  • I have 2 reborn. They are awesome. I can’t have kids so they definitely fill that void.

  • I have several reborns. I am one of the ones who will be able to have a biological child due to many health issues. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I take mine out shopping or for walks. Yes some say they are weird some say they are disturbing. My own doctor has told me that If helps me to not have to be on pills. He has no issues with it. It does help me. Yes my husband also likes to take them out and walk around with them

  • I have a reborn and I take him every wear with me I love him just like I would my own he helps my with my Bi-polar I also see my doctor for my Bi-polar too


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