Are Reborn Dolls Good As Toys?

Reborn baby dolls are items commonly used by adults.

These products are usually bought by adult women who either lost a child or their children left home. The product is used as a way of coping and may even help reduce stress for a while (although it’s far from a recommended therapy).

Reborn babies are also popular as collectibles. Given that these dolls have lots of details, aficionados are prepared to pay a high price for quality pieces.

But the real question is are reborns good as a toy? Should they be bought as a gift for your kids?

We will answer both of these questions so make sure to read on!

What are reborns?

These high-quality silicone dolls are a relatively new type of a product which people usually order online. Newborn babies made by top artists can cost lots of money. They also come with various accessories such as clothes, shoes, pacifiers etc.

Sometimes it is really hard to categorize this product. The first reborn babies were created by modifying existing dolls and adding specific details. They weren’t really made to be fun; instead, artists created them to show off their prowess and make more lifelike pieces.

Initially, there were lots of issues when selling them within department stores. They were featured within big department chains but the demand was low. Furthermore, some customers even complained about their realistic appearance. Based on that negative feedback, they were removed never to appear again.

For the longest time, small business owners tried to sell these items. They were usually sold during fan conventions. The real breakthrough came with the development of the internet and sales shot up quickly afterward. Nowadays, you are able to shop for these items online regardless of where you live. In most cases, the doll company will provide free shipping which makes the purchase that much easier.

How do kids see them?

Back to reborn baby dolls as toys.

As you well know, children will play with almost anything. No matter what kind of an item you give to them, they will create their own games. But, that still doesn’t mean that reborns are the perfect entertainment items.

First of all, they are not ideal for boys. They are much more likely to play with cars and similar toys. Still, dolls will always be interesting to girls which are the target group. In terms of that, it’s easy to see how they can be used.

The two biggest limiting factors are the price and the age of a child.

Due to the work involved, the price of reborn dolls can be quite high. If you search the web you can easily notice that they don’t fall below $30. In that regard, it is much cheaper to buy Bratz or Barbie sets or a used baby through Amazon or eBay.

The next thing that has to be mentioned is the age. Kids need to learn how to properly take care of a doll. In that sense, you probably shouldn’t give it to a girl that is less than 3 years old. Even then, please keep in mind that reborns need special attention and it sometimes takes years to learn all the tricks that will maintain a doll in good shape.

However, we need to mention that dolls are a great way to teach your child about responsibility. Due to the fact that these realistic babies are easy to damage and cost a lot, this is a perfect opportunity for a child to learn how to protect its belongings.

Strangely enough, although there are certain issues when it comes to reborn dolls as kid’s toys, they are perfect for adults. In fact, if you browse the internet you can find more than one story about adult women who love to play with them, dress them up and feed them. Gift cards can be especially great in this case as you can give a reborn to your friend who loves dolls.

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