Reborn Dolls Adoption - 4 Things You Need to Know!

What does it mean to adopt a reborn baby?

There are many things you have to consider before you adopt a reborn doll.

Every reborn baby doll needs love. People often make a rash decision buying one only to learn afterward that these realistic newborn babies require a lot of attention. You can easily damage your cute reborn baby girl or reborn baby boy so you have to consider if this is the best time to adopt one and bring it into your home.

While this is a relatively new hobby, there are people all over the world who understand the real value of reborn dolls. Dolls that are reborn have a similar appearance to a newborn baby. In fact, there were cases where people mistook them for real children. This makes sense as these lifelike custom dolls have beautiful details and artists who create them invest a lot of time and effort.

Before you take a few reborn babies for adoption, here are some important things you have to consider.


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Reborns are not toys

While there are some people who claim reborns are nothing more than fancy toys, this isn’t completely true. They are a piece of art and they shouldn’t be treated like toys.

When an artist takes a kit, he or she starts modifying the parts by painting the soft silicone vinyl body, arms, and legs, adding hair or soft mohair, eyes, and eyelashes and other accessories and special supplies. The process of turning an inanimate object into a doll that resembles a real baby or a reborn toddler baby requires lots of experience. It isn’t something you can learn within a day or even a year. Working with doll kits requires a lot of dedication.

On the other hand, reborn baby dolls can easily be damaged. Like a real child, you have to pay attention to them and make sure they don’t get into harm’s way. Before you order a reborn doll from a nursery, make sure you’re ready for the full commitment. 

We understand that reborn, collectible and silicone dolls are not for everyone. Still, the decision is something that can change your life for the better. So, if you think they would suit you, if you have strong maternal instincts or if you feel you lack something in your life, make sure to order one today via our online shop!

Preparing home for a reborn

Before a reborn baby is adopted, you have to free up some space for it. Ideally, you will have to find some space where you can place this realistic baby doll. Go ahead and change the paint making it more inviting and comfortable. Collectors will always choose an area of the house that will become a great nursery. 

Baby reborn can be damaged by almost anything (especially if its made of cloth or similar material) so make sure you place it somewhere where it will be isolated and cannot be damaged.

Not having dogs or cats can also help. Although these dolls look real, animals will still attack them, scratching or clawing them. Sometimes the damage will be irreparable and will significantly reduce the life expectancy of a doll. Does this mean you shouldn’t open your doors to cats or dogs? No. All you have to do is to make sure that the doll (or dolls) are placed somewhere safe.

Besides animals, chemicals, humidity, spilled drinks as well as sunlight can all lead to damage. This is why you need to find some space and make sure other members of the household are on the same page as you. This room should be kept locked at all times just in case. When cleaning it, try to remove babies and put them somewhere safe. Dusting or vacuming can create a cloud of dust which will then cover your babies. 

Children and reborn dolls

Children are another potential danger for these babies. 

These two don’t go well together and if you have a small child, make sure to lock the doors of the room. Kids treat reborn dolls as all other dolls which means they are likely to damage them. This isn’t a sign of disrespect; it’s simply how kids do things.

Once the child is old enough you can let it into the room with reborns, teach it how to behave with the dolls and how to take good care of them. When you first allow your kid to play with a reborn, make sure to be nearby; you have to discipline your child on the spot. 

Besides handling them, you also have to teach them how to put them back in place. Reborns shouldn't be tossed around or even left laying down on the floor. Instead, the baby has to be placed back in the crib once you finish playing. You also have to put emphasis on washing and sunlight; both of which are potential threats.

Price of the adoption

Adopted dolls can be relatively cheap or really expensive. People usually sell them for a couple of hundreds of dollars. The most expensive ones are sold for more than $20,000 and you can find them on websites such as eBay and of course – our own site.

Price depends on various factors such as the artist’s skills, quality of materials, and the number of details and so on.

If you’re all set and ready to adopt a beautiful reborn doll, make sure to browse the categories within the shop. We have lots of dolls on sale in our online store so make sure to buy an amazing full body silicone baby that you can love and play with. Whether its a sleeping preemie, a twin girl or a boy, we have dolls in every size so you will definitely find the right product.

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  • Dear Kathleen,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your miscarriage! I suggest you check our “full body silicone” category: I’m sure you’ll find lots of great babies to choose from in there! Good luck!

    Nikolay Stoyanov
  • I’ve lost many babies due to miscarriage and am 37 and would love a full body weighted silicone reborn I just don’t know how to find one. I’ve checked Ebay and had no luck plz help

    Kathleen O'Connor

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