5 Amazing Reborn Babies Stories You Must Read

Reborn dolls are very popular among some women collectors. However, while some people love them, others think that these realistic reborn babies are downright creepy.

Whether you have a positive or negative opinion about them, they have caused quite a stir in the news media over the course of time.

Here are some interesting stories that were featured on TV.

  1. Police break into a car to save a reborn doll

In 2016 Lt. Jason Short, a police officer from Keene, New Hampshire, noticed a child in the back of a car. He rushed to help the infant, smashing the glass with his baton. As he approached the newborn and tried to resuscitate it, he noticed that the baby is not moving. Officer later told the reporters that for a second he was on a verge of panic. Luckily, he quickly noticed that this was actually a doll. Given that the reborns are created in a human image, this isn’t the only story of its kind.

  1. Prince George doll sold for £1,650

prince george reborn

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A proficient doll artist is able to create an amazing reborn based on photos of a real baby. When Prince George was born in 2014, there were many artists who commemorated his birth by making a lifelike copy of the sweet boy. Given that reborn dolls are in general very expensive and people are prepared to pay thousands of pounds or dollar for them, it wasn’t hard to find clients for this particular item. The artist was able to sell it for £1,650 on eBay. The toy is well designed, with high-quality details. Soft material and natural color add realism to it, making it feel almost alive.

  1. The most expensive reborn baby doll was sold for $22,600

Creating reborns can be a very good business. Enthusiasts consider reborning as an art form and respect the work of the professionals. Romie Stryden is very popular in these circles creating masterpieces for years (since 1989 to be precise). While most people create reborns by modifying the vinyl body, painting the skin as well as adding hair, top experts such as Romie don’t have a problem of making everything from scratch. People are going to pay lots of money for her pieces and she was able to sell one her reborns for $22,600.

  1. Animal reborns can also be bought online

 animal reborn

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The next story is really interesting. There is a smaller group of hobbyists who love animal reborns. Besides creating dolls that resemble real babies, there are those who feel animals are much more interesting and will much rather collect these items. This is an image of a baby orangutan called Teeto created by Deborah King. It was sold for $12. Just look at its perfect eyes! Animal reborns make for special gifts for kids.

  1. Woman from Middlesbrough buys 4 reborn baby dolls

Any woman who has ever lost a child knows how hard it is to carry a life inside your belly only to lose it in an instant. These women are left with a void and it takes them a lot of time to recuperate from the loss. While a fake baby girl cannot replace living children or a family member, it allows them to escape the harsh reality. Some women love to hold their reborns and play with them for hours without end. While holding a doll doesn’t help solve the real issue, it may provide some comfort. Wendy Archer from Middlesbrough is an example of a person who has 4 children but still bought 4 reborn dolls after feeling a loss due to sterilization.


There is much more to reborn baby and toddler reborn babies than it meets the eye. These great products are perhaps not the best toys due to their price but people still purchase them for their cute features, adorable clothing, and other accessories.

While some people are quick to judge, it seems these items may help individuals. Of course, they also have quite a value for hobbyists and people who love to take care of dolls. This makes sense given that an artist require more than a year to become proficient and develop better hand mechanics. 

What is your favorite story from the list? Would you buy some of these dolls?

Share your view in the comments below!

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