How do Reborn Babies Affect Anxiety?

Reborn dolls are specific products.

Unlike other dolls or toys, they are not actually meant for children; adult women are the focus group. Reborn baby dolls are popular among collectors but to an extent, they can be good for a therapy. Reborns can potentially help with certain mental health issues and help people cope with a loss.

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What are reborn dolls?

For some people, reborn dolls are a piece of art. For others, they are creepy.

It all began during the 1930s when certain individuals started to modify regular dolls making them more realistic and similar to newborn children which is precisely why they’re called “reborn”. In time, they became a new lucrative business and doll companies started to sell realistic newborn dolls as well as kits with doll parts and tools.

Reborns can cost a lot of money and you can either order them online or buy them during conventions and conferences. But have in mind they’re not illegal or anything. It’s just that some people find them to be too realistic which is why toy stores don’t sell them.

How are reborns created?

It takes a lot of work and experience to create a reborn baby doll. Even though there are kits with instructions that can get you going, it isn’t something you can master in a day or even in a year.

Doll artist requires around 30 to 40 hours for one reborn doll. There are lots of things involved in making it. Artist will have to paint the skin on the body (usually made of silicone vinyl and cloth), to bake all the parts, to add small details and accessories such as hair, eyelashes, eyes, and so on.

Sometimes, parents who lost a child ask an artist to make a doll based on a photo of a real baby (or real babies). These photos may be all they have left as they might've lost their child.

While some people feel that this is an unnatural behavior, there are some instances where reborn dolls helped people cope with their issues.

How do reborn dolls affect anxiety and other conditions?

Although people realize that this is a fake baby, reborn doll can have an amazing impact on their lives. Some of them will treat these cute dolls like real human children changing their clothes, giving them a pacifier and washing them. People who enjoy dolls reborn also like to play with them for a long time. 

There are some hospitals and institutions which use them as a method of treatment.

They seem especially efficient for elderly in nursing homes who spend years without family, living all alone. By having reborns, they have someone to take care of. Reborn babies can also be effective when a nurse gives therapy as they can be used as a distraction. In future, reborn dolls might be used for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

However, perhaps the best way to use them is for individuals who lost a child.

Women usually have some issues after losing a child. While the doll can’t bring a child back to life, it might help a woman relax for a while and overcome the negative emotions. Each baby girl or baby boy doll is one of a kind which helps strengthen the bond making a person more attached to it. Nevertheless, before you decide to buy one, don’t forget that this is only a temporary solution and a person should address the issues sooner than later.

Dolls might also be used by people who cannot find love or have issues forming a family.

What does the future hold for reborn dolls?

It’s hard to say what is next for reborn dolls. While these initial results are both encouraging and surprising, it’s necessary to be precautious.

A positive thing about reborn dolls is that they are not medication; they won’t have the same impact on a body as drugs do. In that regard, they might prove to be a healthier type of a treatment. Still, there are some concerns because some people may take these dolls for granted and use them as a substitution for a real child. This can especially be troublesome for women who wish to get pregnant again.

What do you think about reborn dolls being used for anxiety? Would you consider using one for treatment? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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