Real Babies and Fake Baby Dolls: How They Impact Health

Most people would love to have a child.

It is one of the basic human needs that keep us going even when things get tough. In fact, it seems that everything we do in life leads us to this particular goal. When we finally get children of our own, we will do everything possible to protect them and help them out.

However, the entire process of childbirth can be really exhausting for women. Trust me when I say that it’s not fun at all. In fact, even after we give birth to a newborn, our hormones are still going crazy and it takes some time for a body to fix itself.

After everything is said and done, we feel pride as a new mother. It is probably the best experience of your life and it’s not surprising that many of us are willing to recreate that moment. It completely changes us as a person.

Where do reborn dolls fit in?

Pregnancy and period after it is full of highs and lows. Hormones play games with us and most people find it hard to cope. But it’s all worth it and women don’t mind paying the price. In the end, you are blessed with a beautiful, new member of the family.

Unfortunately, things occasionally don’t go our way.

Complications during pregnancy, childbirth and after it can alter our plans in a heartbeat. Everything we planned and hoped for can change within a day and some of us can’t cope with it. Depression is common in such situations and women find it hard to bounce back.

This is where a realistic silicone baby doll might prove to be a good solution.

Before we go any further, have in mind that I’m not suggesting that fake babies are an optimal therapy; nothing can replace a real baby nor can it truly help you get better. Still, surprisingly enough, many women have found solace by holding a reborn in hand. There are so many news and stories about people who managed to relax and find comfort with them.

Of course, this all comes down to individual preferences and how you feel about reborn baby dolls. There are no scientific proofs that they actually work. Still, if we were to trust all the stories, it would seem that these toys can have a positive impact on you.

What is their secret?

People who don’t have any experience with these lifelike dolls see them as nothing more than plain items which you can buy online. But the standpoint changes if you like dolls.

Any artist who makes these reborn baby dolls will tell you that the secret is in their realistic appearance. They have numerous great features that make them feel alive: skin on their head and limbs is painted several times over, lots of them have an amazing set of hair as well as other details that anyone can appreciate. People who work on these dolls require lots of skill.

Probably due to this realism, women tend to emphasize with these dolls as if they were real kids. In a way, they serve as a substitution that should help the mother’s instinct keep going. Besides tackling loss of a child, they might even prove to help in “empty nest” situations where kids leave for a college or move out of the house after years and years with their parents. As some people would like for their kids to stay with them, these reborns seem to provide a similar feeling.

There are some indications that reborns may even be used in cases when a woman doesn’t want a child as these products may stimulate motherly instinct in women who otherwise don’t wish to have a baby. It is hard to tell at this point. We are still left with many questions and it will take us some time to answer them all.

Last thoughts

In terms of their beneficial impact, it might be hard to believe things you watch on TV or read on some random internet blog. Every story is different and people usually love to share their experience on the matter. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a doll will have any positive impact on you. In fact, it shouldn’t be recommended as any type of official therapy. If you’re having some issues, it is best to consult a medical professional.

Even though there is a lot to learn about reborn dolls, it is easy to see why someone would enjoy them and care about them. They are lovely and can be a good source of entertainment! Still, if you think they can help you (at least as a form of a placebo or relaxing hobby) feel free to order one or two through our site! Please have in mind there are no guarantees and that you will likely have to face your issues sooner than later.

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