10 Tips for A Peaceful Reborn Nursery

Most people never manage to create their own reborn nursery. Either they’re lacking space or money to make one, or they are simply unsure if this investment is worthwhile. But unlike popular opinion, nurseries can be created with little resources and time invested. You don’t have to go wild; all you have to do is create a proper space for your dolls.

No matter what you think about reborn nurseries, they are a great place where you can exhibit your reborn dolls. It a special place for your collection. By putting your dolls there, not only will they be in a comfortable environment, but you will also manage to isolate them from things that would potentially damage them.

reborn nursery

If you ever planned on making a relaxing, peaceful reborn nursery, here are some tips that will help you out!

  1. Buy used items

There is no real reason to go all out with your nursery. Used items will always do the trick. You can find some amazing items in a good condition for a very low price. Make sure to check local thrift stores, yard sales, as well as Facebook.

  1. Use a toy box for extra storage

Doll collectors often have lots of additional items and accessories that they rarely use. For example, each time you get a new doll, you will also receive stuff such as blankets, new outfits and so on. Instead of displaying all these items (which will take a lot of space) why don’t you simply store them in a box? This way you can access them at any time but they won’t make the room feel stuffed.

  1. Bring the elements from your childhood

If you want to make your nursery feel as peaceful as possible, I suggest that you bring in items from your childhood. You need to have fond memories of these items so they would, in turn, make your stay in the nursery that much more peaceful and relaxing. They don’t have to be new or pretty; they just have to have emotional significance to you.

  1. Get soft lighting

Lighting is vastly underrated when it comes to making your nursery peaceful. By installing some soft lights, the entire space feels more comfortable and relaxing. They are much better than standard strong lights and by installing them, you will be able to create your own little haven.

  1. Get a rocking chair

Like the rest of the furniture for the nursery, there is no need to get anything fancy. Just make sure to find a chair that will suit your bodily features and in which you can properly relax. You can find some nice items during yard sales and on Facebook. All you have to do is sit in your chair, take the reborn baby in your arms and forget about the world!

  1. Do some DIYs

DIY items are the best way to save some money. Of course, not all of us have the same creative spirit. Still, you will be able to create at least some minor items. This way you will make space that will feel more your own, where you can feel proud of yourself and because of that, you will be able to relax more easily.

  1. Get some shelves

Shelves are a great way to save some space. There are probably lots of items that you wish to put in your nursery. Unfortunately, most of us are limited in terms of space. Shelves will help you categorize all these items, it will save space and they will give more sense to the whole room.

  1. Have fun

Keep in mind that reborn nurseries are not meant for babies; instead, they are primarily your small private space. Having that in mind, there is no need to be formal or follow strict rules. Make this space your own, have fun with it, and do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do with the rest of the house. There are no rules so don’t try to be strict!

  1. Do the most with the space you have

As initially mentioned, reborn nursery doesn’t have to be big but it needs to be functional. You can do a lot with small space as long as you’re rational. Use various items such as shelves and boxes to optimize the space and make it feel larger.

  1. Find a theme

Even if you don’t know how to decorate space, finding a proper theme can help out a lot. By following one and the same pattern, at least you will make sure that the room has some sense to it. The theme should be relaxing and at the same time, signify something that is close to your heart.

With these awesome tips, you’re finally ready to make your own reborn nursery.

Just remember to have fun, do things your way and don’t feel restricted by money or space. You can create an awesome nursery with minimal resources as long as you plan it properly!

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