Monkey Doll: Short History and Creation Process

Reborn dolls are simply amazing in so many ways.

These items can be regarded as small masterpieces worthy of a collector’s nursery. But there is much more to them: they can be used by older individuals, those who lack company, people who are suffering a wide array of mental issues and so on. According to what we know so far, reborn baby dolls might have a very powerful impact on our brain helping us cope with a wide variety of issues.

With that, we come to monkey dolls.

What are monkey dolls?

As the name implies, monkey dolls are dolls that have monkey features. They are usually significantly smaller than reborn dolls. However, there are also exceptions to this rule and they might have the same size as their human counterparts.

Monkey dolls are usually advertised and sold through traditional reborn baby stores. You might find them on Ashton-Drake website as well as through Bradford Exchange. This makes sense as they are primarily bought by reborn doll enthusiasts. Furthermore, they have a similar impact as other realistic babies allowing the owner to relax while holding them.

Although they might seem a bit gimmicky, these babies are made by the top reborn artists. In fact, the most famous people within the community regard them as a type of reborn babies with very similar features. When creating a monkey doll, there is lots of work involved. Not everyone can make them which increases their price on the market.

Lastly, monkey dolls have a cuddly animal effect. They are like babies in their size, they can hold on to you, but they are “just animals”. This might be preferential to some people who dislike human dolls or find them to be too realistic. Monkey dolls are especially popular among animal lovers.

How are they made?

The manufacturing process for these dolls is akin to that for reborn dolls.

Artists focus on creating dolls that are soft, easy to carry and relatively durable. As a result, they usually rely on vinyl as the focal point. Everything on the dolls is made by hand. The paint job is especially impressive as it may require lots of time.

Given that monkeys are hairy, reborn doll artists put lots of emphasis on applying wisps of hair. In order to make it more lifelike, monkey dolls’ limbs can move. This gives you more options during roleplay.

In terms of the accessories, these babies usually come with the same set of items as your regular reborn dolls: a set of clothes, diapers, certificate of authenticity and so on. Of course, it all depends on a manufacturer.

Anyway, the whole monkey doll experience should be very similar to that you have with a real reborn baby.

Last thoughts

If you have always considered monkey dolls, perhaps its finally time to give them a chance. These babies are small masterpieces that only want to be hugged and pampered. Furthermore, if you love animals, this is a good chance to get your hands on a realistic doll made in monkey’s image.

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  • I am only 14 and my birthday party is coming up and I want one so so so so bad


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