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Madame Alexander dolls are made by the Madame Alexander doll company, an American doll maker of collectible and play dolls. Founded in 1923, the New York-based doll maker was founded by Beatrice Alexander.

The company creates replica dolls that resemble famous personalities as well as characters from books, movies, and music.

madame alexander dolls

The doll company after World War II

The Madame Alexander doll company continued to make hard plastic dolls after the first world war. It later switched materials to Vinyl plastic in the 1960s. The company was a leading doll manufacturer in the US in the 1960s.

Madame Alexander made the first ever fashion doll named Cissy four years before the release of Barbie, Mattel’s popular fashion doll. Although Cissy did not match up to Barbie is reputation, the doll was also fairly popular in its days.

Madame Alexander toy company was sold to Dollie & Me in June 2012. As of 2016, the company has produced about 6,500 different doll characters.

Madame Beatrice Alexander

Madame Beatrice Alexander the founder of the company and after whom the Franchise is named was born in Brooklyn, New York on the 9th of March, 1985 to Russian immigrant parent. Her father owned the very first doll hospital in the United States and she spent a lot of time there watching her father mend dolls and playing with the dolls herself.

She would later grow up to design and sew doll clothes herself as well and went on to found the company that manufactured various lines of dolls. Beatrice Alexander ran the company by herself for 65 years during which her company produced a million doll every year until she sold it in 1988.

Madame Alexander dolls

Right from its early days, Madame Alexander dolls have always been infused with a sense of wonderment and excitement. They were top quality dolls and were finished with impeccable detailing that made them stand out.

Among the most notable of Madame Alexander dolls were replicas of Scarlett O’Hara, the Dionne quintuplets as well as replicas of the royal family and the other dignitaries in attendance at the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II in 1953.

Other popular Madame Alexander dolls include a large baby doll that was dressed up in a fine coat and dress named Pussycat, a Portrait Doll of Mary, Queen of Scots, replicas of the characters from little women among others. The company also created a doll series that depicted first ladies of the United States in the inaugural gown as well as a fairy tale series and an opera series.

The most popular doll

One of the most popular Madame Alexander dolls is an 8” Wendy doll which was introduced in the 1953 and is still being produced today which is considered as one of the most valuable collectible dolls in the market. the company also made a line of collectible fashion dolls specifically for adult collectors which was named Alexandra Fairchild Ford.

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