LOL Surprise Dolls: The Hottest New Trend on The Doll Market

LOL Surprise dolls are one of the newest trends. These babies are quite special and definitely worth your money. So, what is so great about them besides the fact they are really, really cute?

Well, besides the dolls themselves, you can buy lots of other amazing products that can last you for a lifetime! They can easily be bought online from any big doll online shop. This means that once you decide to by a LOL Surprise doll, you can expect it to reach your home address within days. No need to wait for long periods of time to enjoy yourself!

LOL surprise dolls

Let’s analyze some of its features and what makes them so cool.

Main doll features

There are lots of different parts used for these dolls. They rely heavily on a mixture of plastics and similar products for both body and clothing.

Unlike, let’s say reborn dolls, you cannot mistake two LOL Surprise dolls. Each one is special in its own unique way and once you browse through the assortment, you can notice how special and amazing each one of them is. They are different from your traditional dolls such as Barbie and they can also be much more fun to play with.

Each baby comes with numerous accessories such as magic mirror, salon chair, bottle, comb, hair barrette stickers, outfit, shoes, hairspray, disguise and so on. Obviously, you have more than enough items to start roleplaying immediately. You can swap things out or even buy additional accessories once you are tired of the current ones.

Additional things you can get

If you go to the company’s official site, you can notice a lot of different things. Among others, they have apps, quizzes, collection, video channel and everything else that a LOL Surprise collector needs. That being said, your journey doesn’t end when you purchase one of these babies. In fact, it just begins.

Besides the fact that these are really quality dolls that will last for ages, the whole experience of collecting them is pretty unique. Traditional collectors would simply gather all their dolls in one room and create a showcase for friends, family or anyone else that swings by.

LOL Surprise dolls experience is much more interactive and it presumes your continuous involvement. Of course, if you’re just a person who wants to get a doll and enjoy it at home, you can also do that. But, through their site, you can get more info about other collectors thus becoming a part of a larger society of LOL Surprise dolls enthusiasts.

Our final verdict

If you love this type of dolls, you should definitely give LOL Surprise dolls a chance.

They are pretty awesome with lots of details and you will have fun with these items whether you’re using them as collectible or you simply want to play with them. You can find them in almost any big online store for dolls in the world including Amazing, eBay and so on. 

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