How Important Is It for Lifelike Dolls to Look Real?

Lifelike baby dolls are often shown in a negative light by the news media.

However, it cannot be denied that realistic baby dolls are extremely popular among collectors. In fact, while the general population would have a problem buying a reborn baby doll because it is similar to a newborn baby, collectors are ready to pay lots of money for such products.


So my question is: How important is it to instill life into these toys?

Before I go any further, let’s start from the top and check the history of dolls!

First dolls

Dolls are nothing new; they existed for quite a long time. First ones were found in the ancient Egyptian tombs and are presumed to date from the 21st century BC.

They were not used as playthings nor were they meant for kids. Instead, people used them for religious and magic rituals. Needless to say, they were much different from modern silicone and vinyl items.

According to some sources, the first children dolls were created in the 19th century. They considerably varied in size, weight, appearance and number of accessories which was a sign that more and more people are interested in having these items. Since then, this product had two main purposes: as a plaything for girls and as a collectible.

Realistic dolls

Realism also isn’t anything new. For the last few centuries, they were made to resemble a real baby. In fact, a product that has lots of details (such as a full set of hair or cute clothing) will have a higher price in comparison to regular items which you can buy in any department store.

Realism reached its peak with American reborn dolls. First ones were created during the 1930s. Doll artists would take a body of a regular doll and add (or modify) details on it. Sometimes, they would make it resemble a real baby girl, boy or a toddler.

This doesn’t mean that every customer will appreciate such craftsmanship. In fact, reborns don’t have a good reputation for this particular reason: some people simply find them to be too real which is why regular stores stopped selling them. So much so that if you want to shop for a reborn doll, the best way to do it is to order it online.

How does realism help?

Even though you might not be able to sell a doll that looks real on a regular market, it is obvious that there is a big demand for such items among collectors who love them and see them as something special. While casual consumers don’t care about the small details nor do they share the same enthusiasm, it can be said that realistic and reborn dolls are the next step in the doll evolution.

If we talk about dolls as a historic item that always tried to resemble human beings, it’s easy to see how realism helps. Some parents don’t support reborns and wouldn’t buy them for their child or as a gift, but this doesn’t mean they are low-quality items and it doesn't make them less of an art. 

In fact, this high level of realism can tell us that we’ve finally reached the highest stage of doll craftsmanship. An artist needs years of experience with material to create beautiful reborn babies. Reborn baby dolls have skin which was painted by hand, sweet eyes, soft cloth body, and numerous other features on the head, arms, as well as legs that turn fake dolls reborn into real babies. Doll reborn is also weighted so it provides a more realistic feeling when you play with it.

What is your option on realistic babies?

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