How to Take Photos of Dolls in 4 Steps

Doll photography is an art. Just like every other type of photography it can be absolutely beautiful if you get it right. There are tips and tricks to it and if you take the pain to follow diligently you should end up with a photo that is just as cute of that special doll of yours. Here are some important tips for taking a lovely doll photo.

take dolls photos

Align your doll’s glance and pose

Spend time on aligning your doll’ eyes. It is usually the first thing anyone will notice about the photo so getting it right will make a wealth of difference. Try to align the eyes, forward, sideways or forward to look directly at the lens or at a distant point from the camera. Ensure that your doll’s eye is not looking at two different areas.

The pose is another important aspect that you shouldn’t joke with. Posing your doll correctly will bring life and dynamism to the photo. Forget about the camera for a while and focus on posing the doll correctly. Try out different poses but with a firm knowledge of your doll’s body limitation. Keep trying until you are able to get the most natural position possible.

Pay attention to your doll’s hair and clothes

It is a common practice with many doll photography to find the hair ignored. This is terrible practice since the hair is usually the most conspicuous part of the doll. Styling your doll’s hair before a shoot is not a bad idea at all. Ensure that you keep as much of the loose hair under control as possible.

You should also take note of the dolls eyebrow. Try as much as possible to show the doll’s eyebrow since it helps to enhance its expression.

Your doll’s clothes might be a little less relevant to the shoot especially for dolls with limited styling options for the clothes. But if you can help it, try as much as possible to enhance your doll’s clothes. Try to get the perfect fit possible. You can make use of small clothespins or little clips to do this. You can also add some accessories to your doll’s dressing such as ribbons.

The shot angle and background

Professional photographers know how important it is to get the tilt and positioning of the camera right to the beauty of the picture. When taking your doll’s photograph to try out different angles and views until you are able to get the best angle that perfectly highlights your doll’s features and enhances beauty. Whether indoors or outdoors the background of your picture is important as well.

A major point to consider with the background is ensuring that you don’t have anything in the background that will be out of scale with the doll or take attention away from the doll. Keep everything in perspective.

Tell a story

The best doll pictures are the ones that tell a story. That’s the fun of the whole deal. Play around with different scenes and try to convey emotions and tell a story with the shoot. It will add more life to your picture.

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