How to Take Care of a Silicone Baby Doll?

Everything in the silicone baby dolls looks surreal - from the very realistic hair on its head, silky body, and innocent face, the silicone baby doll is here to stay.

A silicone baby doll is a baby doll that has been transformed by a creative artist in line to making the doll as realistic as it can be.

For all those who want to experience how it feels like to be a parent, then the baby doll is your perfect choice. Looking forward, if you have the baby doll and feel like you’re a complete novice when it comes to taking care of your prized asset, then this post is for you!

Yeah right, they don’t have blood flowing in their veins, and you don’t have to clean up their mess, but like every amazing baby, they need baby items – diapers, clothing, sometimes they’d need baby strollers, and more diapers!

If you’re on a budget, you can stick to just diapers and clothes, no need for the big stuff, as they don’t have any feelings and are totally unaware of your actions towards them. If you want to experience that indescribable feeling of having a baby before you actually have one, then you do need to handle your doll with care, like you’d have done to a real one. You can call your doll a reborn if you like. In the end, reborns are there to fill the void so you should definetely play around with them.

Let us call your doll Amanda, and in this post I’ll write down exactly how to maintain your Amanda, giving her that shiny look she deserves.

Without much ado, shall we?

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Storing and handling your silicone baby

Unlike regular dolls, silicone dolls deserve better, and they should be handled with all amount of delicate abandon. They are your companions, and you just don’t throw them around anywhere. You need to give them a sense of belonging, even though they feel a thing. At all.

If you are a lady, you can as well cuddle up next to her on your bed, getting that warm cozy feeling. And if you’re a guy? Well, the best bet is a bassinet. Almost all Amanda’s are made of vinyl which makes them adjustable to certain temperatures. Not too cold, not too hot! Basinets and cribs are also amazing due to the fact you can play with them; every additional accessory matters! 

If you know, vinyl can cringe and soften if it gets exposed to a high degree of heat.

Places your baby should never be

Well realistically, it doesn’t have a melting point instead it decomposes. This is also true of many polymer materials. Instead, you probably want to look at the service temperature which is about 150–200C depending on the specific type or brand. And again, when the temperature is hot, putting your doll in a car’s backseat gets it exposed to the sun rays, and with time, it melts. Direct sunlight is really problematic even if we're talking about limited exposure. Over time, it does get to it and affect its color. In that sense, reborns are very similar to other artistic pieces, paintings and so on.

If your doll could frown, it will definitely do when placed in a cold area. It can also literally yell at you or let out a cry when exposed to ballistic sunlight. Again, your baby’s skin will inevitably get faded if it isn’t kept in a cozy environment. Shades in the room definitely help. You might also consider creating a nursery in a room that isn't directly facing the sun. All of that helps! 

Be a great parent to your doll, don’t throw them away, no matter your emotions at that time. They didn’t make you feel that way and shouldn’t be at a receiving end of your actions.Ultimately, most of these dolls can be fixed and repainted to an extent. So, if you're really that connected, it is better to invest some extra money to get her or him back in shape.

An average Amanda costs €89-€100, so think again before you decide to play rough.

Cleaning it up

Amanda will definitely get dusty and all dirty. It’s in your place to give Amanda that shiny look. Inevitably, the buildup of dust will always tell on your doll, bringing doubt on its originality. Never always use water to clean up your doll, as water does more harm than good to the skin of your doll in a long run. As previously mentioned, the paint is very sensitive and we also have to consider that its hair and body can easily be damaged as well. 

You can use soft bristle brushes or feathers to remove those specks of dust particles. Once in a while, you can strip your doll naked and give her a treat- a slightly warm bath with a towel, wiping her delicately with all abandon. Try avoiding rough moves and too much friction as they cause an opposite effect. 

I’d advise that you use a non-toxic soap to remove stubborn and greasy stains. Scrub gently, as excessive scrubbing corrodes the skin.


Since most of Amanda’s hair is made of wool, it is delicate and requires utmost care. If you’re reading this and your doll contains either wool, mohair, synthetic, human or yarn hair, then you should read this.

Strive to always use soft but sturdy bristles and brush gently, but firmly. The goal is to make her hair untangled and free, so you should consider going soft but steady.

Amanda’s hair can also be washed, but with a delicate method. A mild shampoo is recommended and a not too harsh pomade, which gives it that shiny and fresh look.

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