How to Style Your Reborn Doll's Hair?

Reborn baby dolls are similar to kids in so many ways. Like with a real baby, you can play various games with it and have fun. One of the most popular activities that people tend to do with their reborn doll is combing and styling its hair.

While it’s great to play with doll hair from time to time, there are certain rules you need to follow. Their custom hair is much different from that which human have so there are precautionary measures you need to take before styling it. Not only can you damage it during the process but you can also make mistakes that will affect its appearance.

rooted reborn baby hair

In order to help you out, we’ve made this short article with some of the best reborn hair styling tips. Read our short tutorial to learn more!

Hair products to avoid

Newborn dolls have so many parts that can easily be damaged and hair is definitely one of them. Soft mohair on the baby doll’s head cannot take the same kind of abuse as our own hair can.

The first thing you need to know is what type of items you will need to avoid.

Strong chemicals can have such a bad impact on its hair and head so it’s best if you avoid them altogether. Every reborn baby doll artist will tell you that these substances are some of the worst ones you can use. They can create a long list of the issue. First and foremost, they might drip on the body and affect the paint. They might drip on eyelashes as well. Hairspray with extra hold is especially problematic in this case.

Hair rooting the hair is a long process so you don’t want to destroy it.

Here are some of the most troublesome substances:

  • Any type of a hairspray
  • Curling iron
  • Strong gels
  • Pomade and other similar wax-based products
  • Straightener

While straighteners may seem like a great solution and even some artists use them, they are making extreme heat. If you pick such a heat product or a heat set, you need to be aware of the fact that it will help shape the rooted hair but can also damage the silicone-vinyl surface of the head.

Hair products to use

Perhaps the two best products for babies are leave-in conditioner and a light mousse. Regardless of a type of reborn you have, whether you have a preemie girl or a beautiful toddler boy, these supplies will work wonders for them.

Leave-in conditioner is on the top of our list as one of the safest. You can buy it at a cheap price, its easy-to-use and it won’t cause any damage to your lifelike baby doll. It gives you lots of styling options and there won’t be any issues if it touches certain parts of the doll, for example, clothing. It is also safe for your eyes so you’re free to use it by hand.

It works similarly to human hair. All you have to do is place realistic child beneath the faucet. Make sure that the water only touches the hair. This is especially true if a doll has a cloth body as you want to keep it dry. Don’t use too much of the product and rinse it properly afterward. Make sure to apply the product when the hair is damp so you can style it properly. Lastly, after you’ve rinsed the product, you can dry hair with a towel.

Be careful

You need to take care when using mousse; heavier products can still be harmful. Still, if you opt for lighter ones, there shouldn’t be any issues. When you purchase a new mousse, make sure to go for a cheaper one. The only thing you need to concern yourself is whether it’s light or not.

The application is pretty straightforward. Put it in your hand and then rub it on hair. Massage it gently and make sure to cover all the parts. Unlike conditioner, you can use mousse on both dry and wet hair; just make sure not to use too much of it.

Even though these two items are your basics, you can add some accessories and tools to your hair kit. This way, you will always be ready for styling!

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