How to Sell Dolls Online

You must have heard from someone that the internet is the best place to sell your doll or collection of dolls for good money. Whoever told you wasn’t goofing. But like every market, selling dolls on the internet takes requires some knowledge too. Online selling of anything takes some time and commitment to master but it isn’t really difficult.

how to sell dolls online


Selling dolls is even more peculiar, it is not a regular item so the price and other dynamics aren’t completely fixed. But the internet has a lot of platforms for you to sell your dolls and you can take advantage of them to offer up your dolls or collections for sale.

The internet offers a lot of platforms to sell your dolls. However, the first thing you have to do is try to figure out the procedure since it differs from one platform to the other. The first thing to do is to carry out your research. First about your doll then about the online channel you will use to sell it.

The reason why you have to research first is simple. The price or dolls in the doll market varies from one doll to the other. It depends on a number of factors from age, to the type of doll and even the condition the doll is when you put it up for sale. Sometimes you might be holding a doll that is close to useless and other times you have something priceless. The only way to confirm the value of your doll so you want to undersell it or expect too much is to carry out your research even before placing it online.

Your researching begins with identifying your doll accurately. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources both online and offline for you to do this. Once your doll is identified, you can contact an online appraiser to confirm how much it will really cost. There are also a lot of doll collection sites on the internet that provide you with enough information, including pictures to compare with and pricing suggestions that will make your research quite easy.

Choose a platform

Once your research is complete you need to find an online store to display your doll. Usually, it is advisable to go for a doll specific site like Rubylane or you can also try out non-doll specific sites like eBay or Etsy that allows you to list items like dolls for sale as well.

You should take note that each of these platforms has different registration as well as pricing guidelines. While some platforms only allow you to list products for a fixed price, others like eBay are auction-based which means your idol is placed on auction for a particular period of time and sold off to the highest bidder afterward.

Social media

You shouldn’t rule our social media as a possible place to sell your dolls too. There are various groups on Facebook for example that are created specifically for doll enthusiasts. Not only will you be able to find valuable advice on how to go about selling your doll online on these groups, but you might also end up finding a buyer that will pay good morning for it as well. Pinterest and other platforms are also great places to post pictures of your doll and get it sold.

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